Here’s what’s happening with Zsa Zsa Gabor’s husband “Prince” Frederic Von Anhalt and her daughter Francesca. Francesca has started the process of having a court decide what is best for her mother in terms of financial and medical affairs. She hopes the judge will appoint a third party neutral conservator to manage her mother’s interests. She’s concerned that her mother isn’t receiving needed medical care because she is only allowed to visit infrequently and found her mother appeared to be heavily medicated. When Frederic married Zsa Zsa, the prenup specified the house was ALL hers. Yet he has taken out a $700,000 loan on the house and the document was supposedly co“signed” by unresponsive Zsa Zsa. Hmmm. What’s more, the house is in foreclosure because the Prince hasn’t been paying the mortgage. Where did the money go? (Von Anhalt announced he was running for Mayor last year) Francesca is looking forward to a thorough investigation of Frederic’s financial activities and her mother’s health care. It’s about time!



  1. Another worthless piece of trash!

    Zsa Zsa looks terrified at the sight of his ugly mug.

  2. Seems he has been into the “elder abuse” for some time now.He has had free rein with everything yet no one challanges him. If I remember right didn’t Franchesca have some kind of fight while voicing her concerns over Zsa Zsa and she was 86ed? The pictures of Zsa Zsa he allows to go public are so undignified and out of charachter for her as she always was dresssed,coiffed,and made up to the 9’s for ANY public pictures! He should be de-nutted but has no balls…

  3. I always wonder what she is thinking in those photos. …or if Zsa Zsa is even capable of lucid communication. ]

    I don’t think their relationship was any big love affair. She wanted a decent looking escort who liked to rub elbows with the aging Hollywood elite. He liked the sound of “elite.”

    She liked the idea of having a royal title. He liked the idea that she had a clean title to the mansion.

    She liked to talk about sex and her handsome Prince. He liked for her to talk about sex in public. Yet, he bought guy off the blvd. for his personal pleasure and exercise.

    I doubt he is worried about money at this stage. He probably already has a book deal in place for the untold story of Zsa Zsa.

  4. ps) They had to live within a tight budget when she was living in order to maintain where they live (at least that is the rumor).

    I have this funny vision of him shopping at Whole Foods and coming back home and plopping down on Zsa Zsa’s bed and saying,…… ‘I no longer have to buy those stinkin generic Oreo Cookies. I can get the real thing and I didn’t even use a coupon!!!! No more generic toilet paper for my ass!! I’m using Charmin now baby!!!’

  5. “They had to live within a tight budget when she was living”

    Dam, I didn’t mean to kill her off!!!! lol I mean when she was in better health. lol

  6. misyco said it best and to a “T”… this creep should have had the authorities up his ass YEARS ago. It is bleeding obvious to anyone with eyes and a working brain that this guy was using her from DAY ONE and his pupils are made of dollar signs! I can’t believe anyone, OR the courts would keep her only child from inheriting her mother’s estate. I doubt there is anything left of it now, except the toilet in the back yard and those horribly tacky items left after the garage sale that bastard held quite a while back now.
    He really makes me want to hire a hit man!

  7. REta, she’s an old school party girl who clearly never had good forethought about the men she rolled with. She made her bed. Now she lies in it.

  8. Agree with Patrick. She should have made a provision for her daughter while she was still in good shape prior to marrying this toad. The kid was not on her mind… maybe she thought she was to live forever??? Just feel sorry for Francesca, it’s the kid who suffers really, this old bat made her bed.

  9. ……PLACE YOUR BETS, please.(back to the love boat years)


  10. Zsa Zsa never seemed like a very nice person (slapping the cop etc) and quite arrogant and full of herself. Which is a bit of a joke as she never had much talent. She went from one man to the next for money. She made an error in thinking that because the prince had a title (which he bought)he had money. Still it is sad to see anyone taken advantage of so hopefully the scumbag will have to do jail time for fraud and abuse.

  11. Prince Von Asshole is an elder abuser, plain and simple, same thing happened to Mickey Rooney!!!!!

  12. I never heard of Mickey Rooney being a teddy bear all soft and cuddley. Just not his personality.


    Mickey Rooney Slammed by Former Asst. ‘Gruff, Hostile and Rude’

    90-year-old Mickey Rooney is not the sweet, adorable guy he appears to be … at least according to legal docs filed by his former assistant, who claims the actor is a mean, abusive old man.

    The woman behind the allegations is Cindy Smith — who claims she served as Mickey’s right hand lady from 1984 to 1991 and again from 2000 to 2010.

    Rooney’s lawyers recently filed a lawsuit against Smith — accusing her of elder abuse and fraud. But in new court documents, Smith says she is the real victim, because Rooney was a stubborn and abusive boss … and all she did was try to look out for his best interests.

    In the docs, Smith explains, “Mickey was condescending and gruff, hostile and rude, insulting and dismissive, and yelled quite often.”

    Cindy also claims Mickey was always looking to get himself involved in “get rich quick schemes” — and she and Mickey’s stepson would constantly have to protect him from squandering his money.

    We’ve reached out to Mickey’s lawyers for comment — so far, no response.


  13. Lower the DWP bills? Actually, power in California is pretty cheap compared to most other states. Plus, it’s nice getting a bill every other month as opposed to every single month. Instead, focus on RENT. Rent is overpriced by about 20% all throughout Los Angeles. Cap it off at $1.00/square foot MAX. Landlords are excessively greedy.

  14. She appears to be afraid of the candles.

    I’m sure that she’d simply scream if she could about the pictures he’s posting of her. However she always looks clean and comfortable.

    Reta, your comment about the toilet in the backyard made me laugh. I’d forgotten about that.

    Patrick, hope all is going well with you.

  15. Prince Von AHole will blow through Zsa Zsa’s money, and will live the remainder of his life in poverty.

  16. My Aunt came back into my life when she found out my mom was sick with cancer and dying. My Aunt disowned both Mom and I when she was cut out of my Grandparents will…but she was more than happy to be family again…until she asked for $25000 after Mom died and I flatly refused. I no longer have family because of greed…if she hadn’t asked I most likely would have given money to her but I hadn’t even buried my Mom yet.

    Do your wills and THINK of the consequences. I wonder if Zsa Zsa was of sound mind when she married this freak.

  17. @ Walt Cliff,
    Hey Buddy!!
    I see that “The Prince” is at it again, dressing up and putting himself on display. Some people become addicted to publicity, and this Perdue Chicken look alike goes all the way out to get a photo op!!
    “The Prince” has been living The (Miller)High Life while inviting photographers into Zsa Zsa’s bedroom and then selling the photos. I won’t be surprised if Zsa Zsa outlive his smug a@ss!!

  18. Hey Leo,

    I suspect he has tried to put on all of her gowns at some point. lol I bet he has some replicas made just special for him. lol

  19. Hey Leo, I just noticed a website on the left hand side of the screen….”Tulisa Contostavlos Scandal.” What is that? Is that a PORN website link on Janet Charlton’s website?

  20. Missyco, you have it right. No one deserves to be exploited like that. Sure she was a publicity whore back in the day but now she is totally gaga and it is a shame to see that fake
    Euro-trash “prince” dragging her out for sad photo ops like this.

  21. Poor Hard working husband who really loves his wife and will do anything for the woman…Debt and worry stalks this poor mans mind.

  22. Two Bad he just doe’s not think to down size on some levels would really help…A Big House like that with only two people living there is just living beyond one needs.

  23. If this guy does not watch it the stress alone is going to take his toll and kill him down the road. Down Size is the only way in life and stop living like a king…When you have the money of a Jack.

  24. ZSA-ZSA Only knows the life of a rich woman and for her to step down is like stepping out of her rich life and if they don’t change they are going to join the homeless if they don’t do something soon…I do wish them both the best! And really hope this problem is solved soon.

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