Calling Renee Zellweger “unrecognizable” at a recent appearance in New York (above) is both ridiculous and insulting. As far as we can surmise, the “unrecognizable” word was used first by the UK’s Daily Mail and American media followed suit. If you really look at Renee’s photos they are far from startling, and do not indicate any radical plastic surgery. Poor Renee apparently showed up at a time when there was a shortage of gossip and EVERYBOY copied each other with the “story.” Renee happens to be one of the nicest and least pretentious actresses around – what happened to everybody’s MANNERS? She looks fine – and natural. Talking about plastic surgery is fun – but cruel comments about women are just WRONG.

Photo Credit: Pacific Coast News


  1. I’m sure she’s a lovely person but she’s clearly had a ton of work done. She doesn’t look bad but she looks like an entirely different person. She really is unrecognizable.

  2. If Janet had posted a title with Robin Wright in it, it would have fooled everyone.

  3. She is unrecognizable. That is not necessarily a negative thing. And you’re talking about manners?? I’ve seen some snarky articles about women on your page. Renee looks beautiful, however she does not look like the Renee we all know and love.

  4. I agree with Bluejay AND simon. Janet, I am sure she is a nice person but she had those eyes, like a lioness. She was overly teased as a sour face but her eyes were unique. I prefered them before. She does look more like Robin Wright then Renee.

    I guess you are pro plastic surgery but some people should never change a thing. She changed her identity when it was perfectly suited to her. Now she just blends.

  5. Maybe her hooded brows were starting to blind her and she wanted to see better. She looks happy.

  6. I think she had her eye lids done, a chin implant, and possibly skin peel. Her face looks longer. She does look different but Renee works in a very competitive, tough business and she’s trying to do what it takes to stay in the game. When one has plastic surgery no one can guarantee 100 percent the outcome until after its done.

  7. She still looks good for a 45 year old woman. Different but still good. I don’t think this “change” made her look any younger.

  8. Are you kidding? I have nothing against plastic surgery but she has done to herself does not look good. But that is beside the point, just like your comment on her being a nice person: so what? She simply looks like another person, period. And why are you talking about manners? you are so bizarre.

  9. I wouldn’t have recognized her if they hadn’t said who she is. That’s not rude or ridiculous-it’s the truth. And, it’s painfully obvious that she’s had work done. Like Jennifer Grey before her, she looks almost nothing like herself any more!

  10. She looks natural? like you mean natural as in she still looks like the person she was born?

  11. Juliette Lewis! That’s who she looks like now. That was bugging me.

  12. Looks better than last time I saw her. Nothing special then or now.

  13. She looks just like Robin Wright, as a couple of posters before me have said.

  14. I though she was a gorgeous woman before, unique…cute. Now she’s just ordinary looking and had to spend a ton of money to do so.

  15. You can’t have a ton of plastic surgery and not expect people to comment. Give me a break. I agree with Becca she looks like Robin Wright and 50 others in hollywood.

  16. I think she had an upper eyelift done, because her eyes look much larger. Why does everyone assume it was for looks, that skin could have been blocking her vision. Good for her.

  17. She might be nice but she is unrecognisable. My bet is she didn’t want such a drastic change but that’s what the surgeon ended up giving her. Now she just has to make the best of it. I also wonder how long ago she had the surgery, maybe a year or so?! She’s been so low-key that she might have been hoping it would settle more than it has.

    And when you’re a movie star this kind of scrutiny goes with the territory. You can’t rake in millions of dollars based partly on what you look like and expect people not to comment when you turn up looking like Robin Wright’s sister.

    Still like her and hope she’s as happy as she says.

  18. I’ve read several reports that she goes out of her way to talk to fans and give autographs. She won’t be mobbed by fans as much now, as this strange surgery has left her a completely new face. Not good. She says she’s happy with her looks, but remember this….she is an actress.

  19. If someone didn’t tell me that was Renee Zellweger, I never would have known. She looks different and of course everyone is going to comment on that. Some day she will get real and talk about this time in her life.

  20. stating the obvious, she looks totally different not necessarily better or worse.

    people are gonna talk about it.

    shes been out of the spotlight for awhile, possibly recovering from elective surgical procedures.

    and yes, she is now a dead ringer for robin wright whereas prior to whatever procedures miss zellwegger had done, there was no resemblance between the two actors.

  21. The reaction is shocking since we’re use to what God gave her. She still looks good, however, she don’t look like Renee.

  22. I can’t tell if she’s had work done or if she just needs good hair/makeup and some brow shaping. And what’s with the boyfriend and his ‘fro?

  23. She was called McSquinty forever and teased about her look. Maybe we should all back up and not be so cruel and bully people about their natural looks. Now she has lost her “look” and she is still criticized. She’s not my favorite but it’s sad to see someone lose their identity. Jennifer Grey looks like generic Hollywood and sadly so now does Renee.

  24. She is slimmer, and older. She may also have had some work done on her eyes, but I look at the photo and I still see Rene. Sadly, a local news crew was sent to the high school from which she graduated, to question students there about their opinion of how she now looks. Really????

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