Well, they didn’t give us credit, but Glamour magazine all but confirmed what WE told you months ago. See link below. Brittany Mahomes is going through a major style transformation and as we reported, it was her newfound pal and fellow WAG (wives and girlfriends of pro athletes) Taylor Swift, who helped her. Although Glamour didn’t confirm that Taylor was behind the startling makeover, our source was RIGHT again. From a new hairstyle to updated make up and tailored clothing, Brittany hardly resembles her old self – all thanks to Ms. Swift.


Top Photo Credit: BACKGRID-USA – Brittany Mahomes and Taylor Swift in January, 2024 (Chanel!)

Bottom Photo: Instagram- Brittany and husband Patrick in April 2023 (spandex!)



8 thoughts on “WE TOLD YA SO!

  1. Looks like she has no panties under her black sheer tights.
    Taylor loves the “easy access” look as well.

  2. Who does keep telling you these storys janet? You get the best storys before other web pages. How do you do it ? My friends now read your column now here too.

  3. Don’t love the new look, she looks like a Kardashian at this point.

  4. Scratch that, I misunderstood which was the earlier pic. Yes her style has improved dramatically. She no longer looks like a Kardashian.

  5. Is there anything that miss swift can not do? I would love to see her walk on water

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