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Rumor has it that the last straw in the breakup of Pamela Anderson and Kid Rock was the fact that he HATED Borat – the movie she appeared in, and didn’t think it was funny. Pam ADORED the movie.

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  1. Borat was the best thing Pammy’s done in a long time, and I give her a HUGE kudos for having enough of a sense of humor to do it.
    Good for her for kicking that guy to the curb. He doesn’t deserve her.

  2. we all know that its more than what your asking. I hate people that try and mislead, even though they know better. Like you.

  3. Why not ask if your husband freaked out and called you a slut and whore infront of guests, would you divorce? That would be more accurate. Quit trying to mislead people. Your stories usually offer the truth that other people don’t. This is the first time I didn’t like your post, only cause your fishing for controversy. And sorry for you, the truth in this story was actually more entertaining that what your trying to impose. two thumbs down for not being smarter.

  4. I’m sure she just loved spending time in Michigan too! That’s enough to file for divorce if you ask me!

  5. Come on people – this isn’t the real story at all. It probably happened, but there was much leading up to it and it wasn’t all him. She has lots of skeletons she wants to hide and she is terrified he will spill the beans. Read between the lines. She is a meth-head party bitch who used him as a babysitter. THE TRUTH WILL COME OUT. Then the spin docs will start trying to work their magic.
    She’s another Anna Nicole. Argh!

  6. Janet Charlton, shame on you. Report the gossip, don’t try to start it. Telling part of the story is just as bad as lying about it.

  7. Janet’s an incompetent idiot who steals “parts” of stories from other sites and then tries to stir up a big uproar. What a JOKE.

  8. Analysis of this relationship and 4 month marriage is not required.
    It is what it was and it ain’t all that interesting.
    Ps. the 90s are over

  9. Janet being the “best columnist in the world” is an interesting comment, as many stories reported are in-accurate through out the past 15 years.
    Janet-I’d love to be on your side, but you’re slipping way behind others, and the conflicting reports are continously adding up.
    Best of luck to you always though.

  10. What’s wrong with Michigan? Don’t diss an entire state because of Kid Rock. I bet the person who posted that has never been here to see the wonder of Michigan.

  11. I’m guessing their problems go beyond Borat. Substance abuse on both sides is probably just the beginning.

  12. Gosh, that poll was pretty darned lame, Janet. Like some of the above people are saying, I think you can do a lot better than this.

  13. Kid Rock is getting too old to pull of the party guy pimp image. It’s getting sad, like your drunken uncle who hits on your teenage friends. Grow up man-and get a shower while you are at it.

  14. Okay, he’s a partying drunk, and she used what remaining brain cells she has to make the decision to have a baby even though she has Hepatitis B. Dumb and Dumber – straight from the movies and into “real” life. They deserve each other.

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