Just who does Cameron Diaz think she’s fooling when she says she is a “commitment-phobe.” A commitment-phobe MAGNET is more like it! The poor girl just wants a secure and faithful relationship, but she always picks – or attracts- the wrong guys! Just ask her exboyfriends Matt Dillon and Jared Leto. Both had long relationships with Cameron but refused to settle down so she moved on. (And both are STILL vehemently single.) Just Cameron’s luck – her current guy Justin Timberlake is just as hell-bent on staying single as her previous boyfriends. But she’s learned her lesson – ultimatums don’t work. So she’s pretending that marriage is the LAST thing on her mind and her relationship with Justin has never been better. He DOES believe her. We say “whatever works…”

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  1. He’s too young to settle down. She needs someone a little older if she wants marriage..

  2. he was like 5 years old when they started dating. what, exactly did she expect?

  3. Janet stop picking on these two. You were 100% WRONG about their break up and now you continue to pick apart their relationship. It smells of bitter grapes.

  4. Why is it so hard for people to believe that a woman does not want to get married? They are already living together. Who needs all the legal complications of a piece of paper? Not all women are obsessed with this fantasy wedding crap! She could marry any old slob if that’s what she really wanted. These days agreeing to get married is not some indication of how much a person cares for another. The divorce rate is over fifty percent and so many “happily married” men are cheating left and right. I guess it will always be 1950 in some people’s minds. Janet is too old fashioned!

  5. Some women definitely do NOT want to get married. But Cameron isn’t one of them. She does keep hooking up with the wrong guys.

  6. heh heh! This made me laugh out loud….Thanks Janet, for having the guts to say what I (and everyone else)is thinking!

  7. What is your problem with Cameron Diaz? She has nevered wavered from her desire to NOT have a committment, EVER. Again, you are trying to start another big deceitful controversy.

  8. Well guess what, Timberlake is no catch and he’s not even remotely cute.

  9. She didn’t want to marry Dillon. She was only about 25 or so then anyway-way too young. Jared Leto got the boot when he started wearing more make-up than she did I bet. He became more interested in touring with his very average band. Let’s face it, his voice is decent, but they got a deal because he’s who he is. Justin has more maturity and talent than all of them. Marriage is obsolete anyway.

  10. 2:24, they are NOT living together. And she was engaged to Jared, so she’s not a commitment phobe.

  11. 8:43 Janet is that you? She was the one who told Leto to hit the bricks. Why can’t ANYONE believe that not every girl dreams about her wedding day her whole life. Some of us were raised to make our own cash and have our own lives not just a Mrs. in front of our names. Cameron has her own thing!! She could marry some knuclehead LA agent or a random dude from Reseda if she’s so hell bent on marriage. You are being a sexist. Why don’t you break Clooney’s balls about commitment issues? Is he just saying that too? Leave her alone!

  12. Maybe the first two relationships not leading to marriage has something to do with the fact that both guys are rumored to be bisexual.

  13. I agree with Amy S. Not all women are obsessed with marriage. What ever happened to just enjoying each other’s company? This article doesn’t contain any news or events… just speculation.

  14. Good luck to them both. It’s only a matter of time until he goes for a younger girl.

  15. I never understood the appeal of diaz,flat chested,acne and rather frumpish.Justin is a young man and really doesnt need to be tied down,at least to her,the mopey sad looking barn yard dog,Woof Woof
    Oye Vey………..

  16. What do you know. She might actually feel that way. I hate when people think they know what goes on in the life of a star.

  17. Corect me if I’m wrong here,
    but the song “My Love”,Justin is proposing to her, is he not?

  18. Is Cameron Diaz dating A-Rod? They are two unmarried, consenting adults and they are allowed to do whatever they wish to do. At least they’re not wed and playing about on their spouses.

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