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  1. This is SO darn hard.
    Mario is technically the best dancer of the two.
    Emmitt is the most improved and coming from a background of NO dance experience.
    Arghhhhhhhhh…….what to do?

  2. If it wasn’t such a popularity contest, it should have been Mario VS Joey. Emmitt, while a nice guy, is no where near the dancer that Mario or Joey are. Mario should win this thing hands down, but probably wont.

  3. Mario, Mario, Mario should win. He’s a much better dancer then Emmitt.

  4. Mario is so cocky he doesn’t deserve to win. Plus his consolation prize will be Karina since they are SO very together. I don’t care what they say. Kinda like Max and Willa.

  5. Given Mario’s track record do you really think he’ll stay w/ Karina very long? Or be faithful? Cheryl’s a cutie….Go Emmitt!

  6. I’m all for the football hero and class act Emmitt Smith – Go Emmitt!!!

  7. Cheryl is gorgeous! She looks like she’s had some work done since last season. I think Mario should win since he is *obviously* the most talented dancer.

  8. Bravo Janet! Leaving your stupid poll on for a week has given your 6 loyal readers plenty of time to pump up the votes for their favorite. Maybe those inflated numbers will help you attract better paying advertisers so you can get your sewer bill paid; because I should warn you…..I can smell your chit from here!

  9. Mario has danced professionally before so of course he can dance.
    EMMITT is so entertaining with such a sense of fun and rhythm – and he’s become quite a dancer!

  10. Emitt and Cheryl who I think is beautiful.
    From what I hear Mario is a bit too cocky…

  11. speaking of chit .. someone has a chitting attitude! Is that you Liz Smith?

  12. speaking of chit .. someone has a chitting attitude! Is that you Liz Smith?

  13. It’s a popularity contest, that’s why I voted for Emmitt.
    Mario is a player. Fine. He acts like such an innocent, shy little dweeb on the show that it makes me nauceous. He’s Chula Vista gross.

  14. Mario was the better dancer. Emmit was the better person. I voted for Emmit.

  15. From reading some of the bl-
    ogs,the spelling on some of
    the words, should be spell-
    ed correctly,”shitty” not
    “chitty” . Also for next
    season of “Dancing with the
    the stars”, they should
    have Dr.Phil back stage
    to do some counseling, when
    celebrities, and their
    professionals feel the jud-
    ges are being to harsh, or

  16. We like Emmit because he is a family man. Mario will shag anything not bolted at the knee.

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