Former “Swinger” Vince Vaughn looks like a totally proud and happy dad at a Chicago park with his wife Kyla. Vaughn’s little girl Locklyn is five months old and he amuses her by making faces at her. Vince and his realtor wife live in Chicago because he feels it’s a better place to raise a child. The public schools are excellent, so parents don’t have to sweat getting their kids into the “right” private schools that cost a fortune. Not to mention the fact that 14 year olds don’t carry Prada bags.

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  1. Apparently his wife is a Canadian. I suspect this marriage will end in shambles.

  2. The whole wife and baby thing seem to happen really fast with him. The baby looks like an adorable baby doll. Just too cute.

    Hope they are happy & have a long successful marriage. He and his buddy, Owen Wilson, seemed to have gotten their women pregnant about the same time or close to the same time.

    I think Vaughn’s years of partying are really catching up with him. He looks closer to 51 than 41. Of course, everyone looks worn out and sleep deprived the first year of having a baby.

  3. i have Never seen the attraction in this guy whatsoever E V E R……

  4. Why Pippa? Because he’s a high maintenance slob and Canadian girls are nice and down to earth?
    Worked for me.

  5. he concidders seriously “Lifting His Eyes”, folks!!

  6. “pippa martins-st. onge” What’s your beef with Canadian women?

    I think Vince wanted to have children with Aniston but she bocked at the idea. So he found a pretty, nice Canadian girl to settle down with. By the way, I do enjoy his movies.

    PS VV beloved Blackhawks were beat by the awesome Vancouver Canucks. Yes, yes, yes!!

  7. Pippa.
    You’re a such a snotty bitch.
    Team Kessler.

  8. He looks so bad all the time though like he’s always depressed I dont even think this new situation is going to pull him out of that depression

  9. Why do so many men think that slovenly unshaven look is sexy or appealing? They look like smelly unwashed Winos.

  10. Mary Clair, Amen to that Sister. Vince looks like he should be sitting on a bar stool drunk as a skunk and still throwing them back as fast as he can. I think if he gets out of line regarding drinking and/or cheating that Kyla won’t stand for it….those real estate gals are tough. Love those big fat cheeks, on the baby that is.

  11. I agree, he needs a complete overhaul. When he was young and just starting his career, he was kinda cute, but this fat, sloppy body, the unshaved look, the huge bags under his eyes and the already receding hairline all make for a gag-me look. His wife is pretty and together and deserves for him to put in something of an effort. He just comes off as a lazy slovenly pig.

  12. Frank, strom isn’t gay, the gays wouldn’t have him. But he DOES have a microscopic penis and this is why he can’t stop talking about blacks and who they screw or who screws them. Make sense? He knows black men are known to have large penises and he will NEVER have what they have either in their penises or who they get with them. It’s classic transference!

  13. I take it Patrick that you are a CANUCKS fan?

    Yeah Kessler is pretty amazing. Bobby Lou is not so bad either.

    Lord Stanley is in their cross hairs!!

  14. True to form it appears that Vaughn just rolled in from an all night bender to spend a couple of moments with his newbie before sleeping it off all day. Beat up and used much?

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