Hugh Grant’s career is not exactly on fire – he hasn’t had a hit movie in quite awhile. In fact, he toyed with the idea of quitting acting not long ago. The “Notting Hill” star seems ripe for a lucrative TV offer and it doesn’t get much better than a million dollars an episode for “Two and a Half Men.” According to Deadline Hollywood, Chuck Lorre wants to replace his leading man Charlie Sheen with Hugh, but Grant is playing hard to get. (Do you suppose he’s afraid of the wrath of Charlie Sheen?) Just last night Hugh backed away from the deal due to “creative differences,” but we think he’ll come to his senses.

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  1. Hugh(too English) Grant will not work as a replacement on 2.5 Men. Oh, and Strom is gay.

  2. Strom is gay?!
    You’re the last to know Frank!
    I think he’s a black midget too.

  3. Hey Patrick,
    I can’t help but wonder if Frank is trying to pick up Strom!

    I think Grant would make an excellent choice & would fit into the cast well.

  4. Somewhere over in the corner of his trailerhome Frank is filling out forms for EEOC assistance and getting his jollies from such drivel.

  5. I think you’re right Walt.
    Frank this is a shit disturbing gossip site.
    They’re are plenty of cruising sites if you need a date.

  6. Okay. First, ‘frank’ as in ‘candid’. Second, Patrick, you need to take a step back, ’cause I haven’t(yet) started with you. So, I don’t understand your inserting yourself here or attempt to defend Stiffy unless YOU’RE trying to pick him up. I guess you might be gay too. Why not?

    But Strom, I’m just a dude tired of your separatist, obsessive hatful spewing. So, the vent nozzle is open…

    How ’bout this one… Strom is probably small.

  7. Frank and Reta = the site isnt about you or me and whatever your opinions are of other posters should be kept to yourself. You may not like what I say and I could care less what you say about JC’s topic at hand. But you show yourself as a very “small” person with the personal attacks.

  8. Personally I never understood the obsession with “2 1/2 men”, no matter who is in it. Every time I watched for a few minutes, our bad boy was hitting up yet another slut. And the “1/2 man” is now huge, tho very rich at such a young age, right? ( must say I’m proud of this correct observation)

  9. Dear Miss Candid, right or wrong, people have a right to their opinions.
    America wars on that principle. P.C. is yesterdays fight. P.C. lost. Strom’s opinions reasonate with many.
    But if you must…we can go again…bring it.

  10. Hugh Grant is the consummate cad. It would have been fun to see him play against Holland Taylor and Jon Cryer.

  11. Most actors consider series gigs a blessing, especially if they have families. I’m surprised Grant would consider a series too much of a ‘grind.’ Janet, you may be right. CBS wants him badly so maybe he’ll say yes after all.

  12. I am sorry I never I understand Hugh grant’s appeal. He’s lame, boring and the constant stuttering is not appealing or charming. And the teeth, ugh!!

  13. Hugh Grant sounds lazy.

    Show up, hit your mark, say lines, cash checks. What grind?

    Maybe that’s all Hollywood negotiating code for:

    “And I’ll require as least twice as much trailer square-footage as Will Smith gets.”

  14. Either Hugh is putting out rumours that he will get considered. Or he is just playing the game for more $$.

    I have never understood the appeal of Hugh Grant. I’ve never found him sexy. If anything I find him more feminine these days due to his ‘tampering’ with his face and his latest hair style. Not to mention his bumbling idiot stick.

    I won’t bother watching it if Hugh is cast. He doesn’t have that ‘thing’ that Charlie has. It is something you are born with, not something that can be acquired. NEXT!!!!

    You would think that there would be a dime a dozen replacements available in Hollywood, I’m sure the place is filled with good looking, arrogant actors that will pull the role off. Just cast an unknown or someone relatively new, that way there will be more $ for the executives.

    Chuck keep looking.

  15. ^^ Hear, hear, cal.

    I’ve never watched the show (although someone had it on at the gym one time and I faked a coronary to get them to turn it off), so I have to wonder: is this alleged comedy worth all this drama?

    Apparently Charlie Sheen was delivering big numbers for them, so…

    maybe they should have replaced him temporarily with his Dad, MARTIN Sheen (like Joan Crawford did on that soap opera back in the day), while Charlie and Chuck ironed out their differences and kissed and had make-up sex behind the scenes.

  16. casting Hugh Grant is a brilliant idea – he’s perfect to play an affable cad, and insofar as being able to step in as a character with a music background for a living, he did a great job playing against Drew Barrymore as a washed up-former-pop-star-songwriter who makes a living writing jingles in Music and Lyrics.

  17. I couldn’t see the fruity eyeblinking thing working in America.

  18. Wrong guy, too cutesy, not enough danger cat with him.

  19. I like it. I don’t know how you would write him into the show, a British cousin perhaps? I’m one of those people who though Charlie Sheen’s character’s schtick was getting old so I’d tune in.

  20. Cancel it. It’s jumped the shark anyway and the “kid” is full grown (not half)… and strom has a teeny tiny little penis and that’s why he is so jealous and obscessive about blacks. How sad to have such a one-track mind and be incapable of thinking of any other subject but what blacks are doing, who they are screwing, or who is screwing them. I’d go hang myself by my tired tiny pee-pee if I were strom.

  21. high5 reta. i think he did try hanging himself by his tiny pee-pee cause now he’s complaining that it Wont work! but he’s entitled to his trash talking, err opinion. beer belch. nut scratch. fart.

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