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We love celebrity designers who proudly wear their own clothes. It indicates that the designer is not just a name on the merchandise with all the actual creative work being done by someone else. Gwen Stefani is very hands-on with her clothing collections and she and her kids wear her distinctive styles every day and look great. Victoria Beckham’s dress collection is doing extremely well in high end shops and she’s a walking advertisement for her company. Victoria rarely wears the same thing twice, but when she does, you can bet it’s one of her own designs.
Photos via: Daily Mail



  1. I like her clothing line. A little pricey for me, but they look very wearable.

  2. Within time she will be looking like the mannequins the stores put her clothes on. Please Posh, eat a greasy, double burger with fries & don’t pass up desert.

  3. The orange dress looked a million times better on Jennifer Lopez

  4. How many years does one have to be dead in order to fit in one of those dresses? lol 🙂

  5. Victoria needs to gain about 30 pounds. She’s emaciated. Not attractive at all, IMHO.

  6. I don’t think she has an especially pretty face. And of course she looks scrawny and undernourished.

    I think David is AC/DC and she is never sure if she can trust him.

    End of **thinking** momentarily. lol

  7. Victoria has an absolutely beautiful figure and is always impeccably turned out. Probably the people disparaging her are overweight themselves, like most Americans these days who are too lazy to cook, subsist on junk food and even poison their kids with it. JLo has far too large an a$$ to wear that dress. She looked postively awful in it.

  8. MissEva
    Posh is truly a beautiful woman. She doesn’t look as sickly in these photos but some of the photos from late spring and early summer, she looked ill (and she could have been). She is a tiny little lady. As long as she is heathy, that is all that matters.

    I am tall and thin but as a man in his eighties, I still have to exercise and I do every single day.

  9. @Walt,

    I can’t for one second believe you are a man in your 80’s year young, although, your politeness & kind words speaks volumes. I’m sure with the way the world is today, it must sicken you with what’s going on. I’m just over half that age & shake my head in disbelief. Never the less, thank you & don’t ever stop being a true gentleman.

  10. @yoyo
    Thank you for the kind and thoughtful words. I’ve wondered on many occasions just where the years went. I’ve had a wonderful life. Like everyone, there has been rough spots but I never stopped living life and loving God. 🙂

    I worry about all my kids (children, grandchildren and great grandchildren). What does life have in store for them?

    My pet peeve is the lack of respect the younger kids (30 and under) have today. They don’t seem as thankful or as humble as they should be. Even in the TV commercials & shows, there is a shortage of “thank you”,
    door opening, appropriate introduction etiquette, no one sends hand written thank you notes as often….etc.

  11. @Walt,

    You are more than welcome sir. I give credit where credit is due. I agree & feel for the generations to come. I’m almost frightened every time I turn on the tube or net, wondering what will disgust me today. We can only hope the kids of tomorrow are being raised today with respect for themselves & mankind. Like you mentioned, I put my faith in God, not in man. God bless.

  12. can’t help it: THE TURDS ARE BACK IN TOWN, folks!!

  13. 1. Can you breathe in that dress? It looks very uncomfortable
    2. That neck strap reminds me of some acid washed jeans I used to wear with a belt like that.
    Tacky and outdated

    Gwen’s clothes are more my type. Funky and classy.

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