Vanessa Paradis has always been adorable, and she’s always been (gently) teased about the gap in her teeth (Years ago, model Lauren Hutton made such gaps perfectly acceptable.) Vanessa, 47, shrugs off comments with “I was born this way – why change it?” and her ex-partner Johnny Depp never complained. We’ve seen many photos of Vanessa smiling with her mouth shut, but at the Deauville American Film Festival she must have been particularly happy – and had a BIG smile. We can’t help thinking she’d look a whole lot better with some cosmetic dentistry. What do YOU think?

Photo Credit: BACKGRID-USA


  1. Someone can say she is “beautiful” and her children are “beautiful” until the cows come home. Anyone with functioning eyes can see that none of them are attractive at all. And, yikes, Depp sure isn’t his 21 Jump Street self anymore either. Both he and Paradis should take advantage of the fact they can afford a good cosmetic dentist.

  2. Those teeth are not aging well at all. If she has any Depp money left, she should get a full mouth rehab.

  3. Poor thing, years of smoking has not helped her smile. Those gums are red and receding. But, gossip is that her smile, teeth and gums are better than Johnny Depp’s. He never smiles – brown, rotten teeth?

  4. I think you are American and obsessed with appearance only. Inside she is probably an amazing person. Which is more important than how she looks.

  5. I am trying to be kind here. Those teeth are not the issue. Years of incessant smoking and sunbathing have done her no favors.

  6. There’s nothing wrong with the gap it’s how brown her teeth are, that’s the real problem.

  7. Without an identification, if someone said this woman lived in a double wide in rural Kentucky, it’d be believable.

  8. She is a no talent but was a starsucker/groupie who “worked” at her “career” that way. If she had not gotten pregnant there is no way abusive alchy Depp would have stayed with her. I imagine she went thru the ringer with him, but, some low level females will do anything for fame and money.

  9. Her teeth are well like that . She has so much talent … she’s agood actress, a good singer, a Chanel model . She’s a beautiful lady inside and outside . And for the ones who think that she was nothing before Johnny Depp , just go on Youtube and search about her !

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