As readers know, we still insist that Justin Timberlake’s romance with Cameron Diaz is doomed. Justin really cares for Cameron, so he tried to negotiate a clean and friendly split a few months ago. He wanted to be free to have fun on the road when his tour started in the fall. Cameron flatly refused to end their romance and convinced him to spend the summer with her. NOW we hear Cameron was absent from Justin’s NY listening party at G-Spa , although she WAS on the east coast. According to PerezHilton.com Justin made it clear on an upcoming Ellen show that he has NO marriage plans. This romance is unravelling – slowly and surely – wait and see!

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27 thoughts on “UNRAVELLING

  1. She’s ugly in that photo. Never liked her anyway, she 98% talent-free and comes across like a drug-addled bimbo.

  2. If this is true, it’s sad that she is trying to hold on to someone that doesn’t want her. He is still very young. I don’t blame him for wanting to be free and have a good time.

  3. Why would Miss Diaz want to be married to Miss Timberlake?
    Miss Timberlake does NOT have it going on!

  4. She’s not wrongo. This “couple” was broken up before they ever started, there was no way this was gonna last forever.

  5. You already destroyed your cred with Page Six, Janet dear, give it up.

  6. There’s absolutely no way this romance will last. Justin will move on to someone younger.

  7. Someone online said they saw her at a party and she was in the corner huddled over a mirror of heroin and she looked greasy and smelled like ass.

  8. Janet,
    Time to move on to another scoop. They are so together. If they break up 8 months from now, it does not make your original item right.

  9. She is so freakin’ ugly that I throw up a little in my mouth every time I see a picture of her!

  10. they are sooooooooooooooooooooooooo
    together. why does janet weave this tale. look at the people site.

  11. They’re together right now because it’ll look bad if he dumps her right before his album comes out. You’ll see, sometime in September it’ll be over, after his album is released.

  12. They are getting married, He is telling his friends. This is a fake story going around, that they broke up to throw off the scent of their upcoming wedding.

  13. maybe SHE doesn’t WANT to get married!!!! let’s see– she’s super rich, successful, semi- good looking…….spent 3 years with matt dillon, 3 years with jared leto, and now almost 3 with justin….nice track record. why is it all couples get hounded by that “get married” crap?????? she seems to be happy banging some of the best looking and talented guys out there.

  14. I’m glad Janet stuck to her guns with this story. If you read Page Six today, they seem convinced that Justin is cooling off towards her. I think he is just a nice guy and doesn’t want to hurt her. It can be really hard breaking up with someone. He just needs to make a clean break.

  15. Justin Timbalake sucked on the MTV Awards last night. That song is pure shite. And she sucked in “In Her Shoes” as did the whole cast and enterprise.

  16. Justin Timbalake sucked on the MTV Awards last night. That song is pure shite. And she sucked in “In Her Shoes” as did the whole cast and enterprise.

  17. let them both have each other. they are both 2 no talent wannabees. she can’t act and he can’t sing…and they are both ugly to boot!!!

  18. Why do you lame people believe they are breaking up, Janet had them broken up, then she backtracked and said breaking up and now she has to continue this charade. They were all over each other in NYC a few nights ago. OK, sounds like they are beaking up to me. This is getting lame.

  19. Janet had them broken up and then said that she wouldn’t agree to a split and, basically, he’s too nice to be a dick. That’s not backtracking, that’s the situation changed after her initial report. They weren’t all over each other, he barely paid attention to her. Holding hands is not “all over each other”.
    You’ll see, soon after his album is released, they’ll be over for good. The only reason it’s still going on is for good PR.

  20. How stupid are you people. If Justin wanted to break up he would have just broken up. Cameron doesn’t need to agree to a split. Janet is just desperate to save face with this story. She was wrong, period.

  21. I couldn’t care less if they’re together or not. I don’t understand how talented men like Dillon, Leto and the love of my life Vincent D’Onofrio could’ve bedded that ugly wreck! Cameron’s career is so finished.

  22. oh my god!! she does look kinda freaky, and uguly in that pic…. but i go for her.. come on she better that boldie breakney.. anyway justin is a phenominal.. so even if i love JT.. so much i think he should be happy with cameron.. heheheheh if only he knew 🙂

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