Warren Beatty and Annette Bening are Hollywood royalty by anybody’s standards and people seem to love seeing them out in public together. When it comes to dealing with fans they are quite different. At the Emmys, Annette was bombarded by fans asking to be photographed with her. She graciously and patiently said yes to everyone. On the other hand, Warren said NO to everyone. Annette just shrugged off her husband’s stubborness with “That’s just the way he is.” Actually, Warren is super self -conscous about LIGHTING. Whenever he does an interview or appearance he has elaborate flattering lighting arranged to his specification. He doesn’t want to look old. Some joke that the highly political Warren will never run for office simply because he couldn’t control his lighting all the time.

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12 thoughts on “NO CLOSE-UPS PLEASE!

  1. Remember the lighting for that awful film he directed for Kate Hepburn to utter the word “fuck”. You could barely see him in his shots. I like what Julia Phillips said when he approached her and her daughter for a threesome “Warren, we’re both too mature for you.” LOL! He’s such an old coot.

  2. For heaven’s sake — he IS old. It’s OK to look old when you are!! He should know that.
    Annette Bening is fantastically talented!

  3. I always wondered why this pussy hound
    married Annette Benning- she’s an attractive lady and talented too but this dude is known for having done every woman he’s ever met, some of whom were great beauties and not merely attractive.
    Ms Benning resembles his sister, Shirley Maclaine. You don’t have to be a Freudian to figure this out!

  4. She’s bland and was just totally wrong and BAD in that film about Jean Harris. I don’t think she’s sexy in the least, she’s got that Julie Andrews “goody-goody” look.

  5. Can’t stand either one of them. May they both be blessed with bad lighting until the end of their days.

  6. He used to do Madonna – talk about bad lighting. He must of did her in the dark. Dick Tracey!!

  7. Annette Bening is a class act and Warren Beatty’s no fool. It never ceases to amaze me, the silly people who post here – they’d do exactly what the stars do, yet they endlessly criticize. Some people just never learn.
    Repeat: Annette Bening is a complete, total, beautiful, intelligent CLASS ACT. And Warren Beatty is no fool.

  8. No amount of good lighting is going to help him anymore. Face it Warren you’re a dinosaur.

  9. Face it anonymous 12:08am, when you hit Warren’s age you’re gonna need all the anti-depressants you can get. Warren’s got a beautiful wife, 4 wonderful children and much more.
    Happy dissing!

  10. The whole lighting story is so old. He had a bad (near) decade from 1990 until 1998 (isn’t it weird his insecurities started around the time he dated foul mouthed Madonna who openly referred to him as “old man”?) but these days Warren could care less about his lighting. He’s ecstatically happy with his children and wife, who – herself – is not exactly a classic beauty like the ones he dated in the past (Julie Christie especially comes to mind). And the not wanting to be photographed with fans? He doesn’t always do that. For crying out loud, he lets himself be photographed when he visits his child’s little league game: no hair, make-up or lighting experts around there when daddy Warren sits and watches, his hair blowing in the wind, dressed in jeans and a t-shirt. Warren, still, rules! And Annette is one lucky chick to have tamed one of the most talented, intelligent guys in Hollyweird!

  11. Thank you Priscilla!! But I do think he and Madonna had a unique and fun chemistry together, somehow they clicked, it just didn’t last. For me it’s a shame she didn’t grow up sooner and be the woman she is now back then, they might have lasted. And why is it that “Anonymous” people often have bad attitudes and often want to remain anonymous? If you can’t say something nice don’t say anything at all. Anonymous seems to have jealousy written all over them, that often plagues people who bad mouth people of good fortune don’t ya think? I happen to adore Warren and I’m in my twenties. He’s a class act, womanizer or not, and I think he has gracefully slid into aging. He’s a genius and completely respected by many. Annette seems to be a very nice lady, I don’t know that I would have chosen her for him. But they seem very content and have made a wonderful family together. I’m happy for them all.

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