The tabs are aflutter since a former US Weekly reporter was arrested for computer hacking. This reporter left US to start her own paparazzi agency, and a few days ago the FBI arrived at her home with a search warrant and seized her computer, among other items. She’s accused of hacking into the US computer system and scamming celebrity info in particular about Charlie Sheen. Why would she dig for Sheen info? The hot rumor around Hollywood is because she had a sweet backroom deal with Denise Richards, that’s why. It may or may not be true, but it sure makes sense. Denise set up photo ops for the agency� remember those first pix of her and Richie Sambora frolicking? Big bucks. In exchange, the former US reporter may have been digging up dirt about Charlie for Denise. Divorce ammunition. We wonder what Richie Sambora will think about being involved in this dirty little scheme.

6 thoughts on “UNDERCOVER SCHEME

  1. I feel sorry for Denise. I hope she gets all she can from Charlie. She marries into this Hollywood dynasty and in good faith has two babies and then all of a sudden she is 6 months pregnant and going on job interviews because her husband is a total sleeze ball and he can’t be trusted with her or the kids. She must have felt like her life was over. I think Richie Sambora is just using her just as Charlie did. Poor Girl!

  2. I think Denise is a SNAKE crawling around to get her way lyeing cheatig you reap what you sow!and richie will soon find out that he is just being used by her to hurt people!but all he see’s is a piece of ass to bad he only see’s with his D.

  3. Why oh why oh why would you feel sorry for this manipulating woman? Nothing poor about her…er that is except her acting skills.

  4. I can’t believe anyone would feel sorry for this snake in the grass. And Richie is just as bad, falling into a rebound relationship with her. If this is true and she set up the shots of her and Richie when they first got together, he better pack the relationship in. She is trouble. Look at the way she treats her friends…. Charlie should thank his lucky stars he got away from this horrible person. I don’t believe everything that is being written about him.
    By the way, she really needs an eyebrow waxing!

  5. > Nothing poor about her…er that is except her acting skills.
    Oh, man. I originally saw this as “nothing good about her except her acting skills” and nearly had a heart attack. My sincere apologies! Gotta stop skimming…

  6. SUCH nonsense! It was Charlie who set those photos up…there were photographers underwater and everything!!
    Charlie was desperate to hurt Denise, as was Heather, so they both put lies out there to the media which is WHY there were so many conflicting stories. Richie and Denise are very uch the victims here.

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