Tori Spelling even turns her husband’s release from the hospital into a photo op! We had to laugh when we saw these very calculated pictures of Tori rolling her husband Dean McDermott’s wheelchair out of the hospital. The balloons and placement of the kids make a great photo. Dean had an accident while dirt bike riding with his buddies last week and suffered a nasty puncture wound on his right side. He did vow to quit the risky sport. Another family that loves the limelight.



  1. a hospital can help her out with that size of head of hers?

  2. How are these two ass clowns even relevant? Besides being media whores, what are they really known for. Who cares if either was in the hospital, or if they go on vacations or if their kids have a birthday party or if she’s allergic to eating. Who in their right mind would pay for those pictures or would buy a magazine to read their story? Repeat: Ignore them and they will go away.

  3. Tori will always come out on top. She has the drive, nerve and craziness to scramble forward.

  4. The above reminds me of a quote Warren Beatty said about Madonna:

    Warren Beatty: [after Madonna declines to talk to her doctor off-camera] She doesn’t want to live off-camera, much less talk. There’s nothing to say off-camera. Why would you say something if it’s off-camera? What point is there existing?

    Tori only income (aside from books) is her reality show. So the above is just fodder for the TV show. Hopefully with Dean retiring from dangerous (& expensive) sports, she wont have to hustle so hard to make a living.

  5. LOL to the post above, if Tori didn’t hustle to make $, he would leave her mutt face pronto.

  6. Cap’n Crazy moron: A statement does NOT end with a question mark. Just thought you should know. Apparently you skipped that lesson in grade school.

  7. The fact that their show is such a hit is a sad commentary on what reality television has become. I think the hubby is more of a media whore than Tori. I mean, what in the world did he have before he met her? A decent, although not star-making, workaday acting career, right? W/ her, at least from his POV, he can become “a star.”

  8. do not want. do not care. why am I even writing this? these people are talentless morons. and Tori is pretty much a walking skeleton. not interesting.

  9. I wonder WHY he doesn’t do something to convince her she is drastically underweight? It is obviously a bad example for her children, and she could actually DIE and leave them motherless. I wonder if she has ever even thought about this? And that huge hole in her chest between her ugly fake tits that could hold an orange in it tightly? That is the most hideous thing ever! Why doesn’t she keep that gross thing covered up? No one wants to see that deeply into her soul!!

  10. To Hillary….

    ‘What did he have before Tory’? Well, a wife of course, whom he cheated on, in order to jump on the ‘money train’ .
    His ex-wife was left devastated, and now he has to play the part, and save face, and pretend that he married her for love, and hang in there until Tory’s mom becomes lonely enough to accept this witch of a child and share the Arron Spelling lottery win.

  11. Tori should start befriending LeAnn Rimes because the both have some bad Karma coming their way. They can lean on each other for support in the future.

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