Tom Cruise Arrived at Wimbledon Saturday with two of his attractive Mission Impossible 7 costars, (Pom Klementieff and Hayley Atwell) and ONE is rumored to be his girlfriend. And it’s about time- Tom hasn’t been linked with anyone since he divorced Katie Holmes in 2012. Tom has a notoriously hard time approaching women – so he either meets them through Scientology set-ups, or he casts women he likes in his movies so he can get to know them (like Nicole Kidman and Katie Holmes.) MI7 has at least FOUR attractive women in leading roles so you KNOW one of them will end up with Cruise. London tabloids say he’s been keeping company VERY quietly with 20 years younger Hayley Atwell (on right) – but why all the secrecy?

Photo Credit: BACKGRID-USA


4 thoughts on “TOM CRUISE: WHO’S THE “LUCKY” GAL?

  1. That looks nothing like Cruise to me, except for the elevated shoes. Probably seeing her quietly to see if she’s ready willing and able to join the cult of Scientology and unlike Holmes, stay in it as long as Cruise is involved. Doesn’t surprise me at all that she’s so young, too… he can have more power over women who are still babies out in the world!

  2. I imagine he is a boring person to be around. He’s a quack and wound waaay to tight.

  3. He’s a sick man. Mentally he has the personality and skills of a ten year old.

  4. RUN Hayley RUN. Of course she’s much younger, he has to control her.

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