Our observant colleague, CJ from the Minneapolis Star Tribune, pointed out that Tiger Woods’ best friend Bryon Bell was sitting in the audience at his press conference. If Charlie Sheen had a press conference, that would be like his drug dealer sitting in the front row. “Addicts” are supposed to get RID of the enablers who HELPED them do all the wrong things! Bryon Bell arranged trysts for Tiger and paid with his own credit card. If Tiger is sincere about starting over, he’d better start by getting rid of everyone connected to his bad behavior. Isn’t that protocol for “addicts?”

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  1. As if Tiger is sincere. He just wants to look like he’s doing the right thing so his wife will stay with him and he won’t have to pay out so much cash. And so the PGA will let him play again without too much grief. What else would he want out of the situaiton??

  2. He’s only sorry he got caught. The whole farce today was scripted.

  3. What was wrong with Tiger’s face today? One of his eyes definitely looks different. I wonder if his wife didn’t actually connect w/that golf club.


    (but remember he is black in 2010, folks)

  5. anyone with half a brain knows that the addict label is a total fabrication. monogamy is not natural, conservative america – that’s the real issue.

  6. Good call, Janet. This kind of makes Tiger’s whole speech null and void, doesn’t it? I would never tell my husband who his friends could be, but if I were Elin, I’d make an exception and get rid of this snake. He owes Elin almost as big an apology as Tiger does.

  7. Brit Hume of Fox News advised Tiger to turn to Christianity. He said that is his only Hope. Buddhism is a false religion. They do have some good ‘sayings for daily life’, but these will not save.

  8. Interesting that Tiger has never had any interest in BLACK women! What could big assed Serena do to him?

  9. I sure hope Tiger is sincere in his apology and will now treat his wife and children with respect, but you know the old saying….a leopard doesn’t change its spots.

  10. He’s a liar and a danger addict.. also he exposed his wife and children to diseases and great humiliation.. because HE CAN. Forget he exists and have a nice day.

  11. how many men who are public figures have apologized to the public for fucking around on their wives?

    meanwhile, elin gets off with assault which caused him to crash his car.

    he OWES no one an apology but his wife and family, and looks like elin is sticking around for the status of being MRS. TIGER WOODS.

  12. Bambi, give me a break. I haven’t seen christianity save anyone yet. Including you. I mean, you are posting on gossip websites for godsakes. I’ll hate myself later, but what are your favorite sayings for daily life?

  13. ^^^^ “for godsakes”….U R correct: Christianity in and of itself does not save anybody. The Christ in Christianity does.

  14. To Aeduko (and in defense of Bambi): Maybe a person of wisdom and understanding feels the need to get on a gossip website, for this is where can be found a harvest of atheists, gays and Bible illiterates. Maybe they could learn something. As to the buddhist sayings, I looked up Buddhist quotes and there are many of them.

  15. It really doesn’t matter if he is a Buddhist or a Christian, he cheated on wife and plain simple.

    BTW, I think he speech was a joke, never liked Tiger and probably never will…

  16. I don’t like to be critical (lol), but in my view, he is basically an unattractive man. I think Elin was a gold-digger from the start, but she of course still does not deserve all this unwanted attention.

  17. Marianne, I understood that she had given him quite a wack in the face with that golf club – the claim was that she had shattered a cheekbone and he had to have reconstructive surgery. Of course we may never know for sure, as people with Tiger’s money can cover up just about anything these days.

  18. To Aeduko, children of God are required to go everywhere, even gossip websites, to try and spread the word of God’s love for us. If you’d try to lose some of that anger you’re so proud of, you’d feel so much better.

  19. So what if he screwed a few cocktail waitresses? Its his business. He owns nobody but his wife an apology, if anyone. Its his business.

  20. Tiger needs to get it together and play golf! He obviously is not a good husband, start doing something that you are good at! Take a page out of the Kobe handbook.

    BTW Janet and CJ great observation!

  21. Casonia logenberry..For 7 days off from blogging is going to drive me crazy not to communicate but the librarys are closed down for 7 painful days and always love Hells kitchen says:

    Tiger is going to do what he wants to do and what makes him happy and his wife is long gone and will never come back to that relationship because all trust is gone but Tiger is free to do what ever he wants and if his friends are helping him do some bad things? It is up to him to end the friendship and if he wants to do it..then so be it and if he wants those people around…it is up to him?

  22. Casonia..Happy that little bitch elisa lost and really happy for Paul and he is strong on Desserts but Will was weak in that area and poor Tommy would not speak up but very sexy and hot young man to look at and very yummy too! says:

    It is all about the down and low and keeping it that way on many levels and the money this leach was getting did not hurt his pocket and…This guy friend of his is a two faced back stabbing blood sucking leach.

  23. This man never grew up and never had the chance to run throw the candy store’s and try all the flavors yet. Getting married so young and having to settle with one woman was not Right at the time for him…But the Blessing out this is two children and having a family and some one to love other then himself is positive.

  24. I Look at his wife as being a very strong and powerful woman that…I have massive respect for and the reason is that she was not going to allow some one to take advantage of her and…Taint her Life and her Health.

  25. Happy Mothers Day to his wife…Who was not going to take his Crap and not Be put in the Middle of his Drama…This Lovely lady has said Enough is Enough and I Choose to get off the Train and allow him the go down that road alone….I wish other woman would look at her as a role model.

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