This gorgeous young couple was the talk of the Cannes Film Festival – and not because of the blockbuster movies they were supposed to be promoting. Because they seemed to spend every day in paradise scrounging for cocaine! (And they LOOK so sweet and innocent.) They asked hotel employees “Can you get us some coke?” They hounded publicists and producers for blow. They even coerced their French speaking friends to ask locals where they could get coke. By the end of their stay, people were avoiding them and their fixation. But we have to admit, they do have a pair of the best beach bodies anywhere!

13 thoughts on “THINGS GO BETTER WITH…

  1. Did you notice that Orlando Bloom on Jay Leno a week ago Fri. was sniffling and nervously touching his nose? Could be that happy couple!

  2. Kate (new lollypop body) and Orlando (absolutlely tweaky).

  3. Claire Danes and Orlando Bloom, saw a photo of them together their

  4. Claire Danes and Orlando Bloom, saw a photo of them together their

  5. Kate Bosworth & Orlando Bloom…both promoting huge movies…Superman & Pirates of the Carrabian…what is Claire Danes promoting???

  6. Kate and Orlando. I’m sorry but the look like coke sniffers.
    Kate was once beautiful now she looks like a walking piece of string or perhaps a Q-tip.

  7. I agree-Kate and Orlando. Look how skinny she looks lately and maybe that’s why O is irritable and not approachable. they’ve got a monkey on their backs.

  8. Kid Rock and Pam are hardly promoting Huge blockbuster movies. Not them,.

  9. Claire Danes is NOT with Orlando Bloom- she’s with the Big Fish guy. And she has a boyish bod. Who looks great in a bikini- Kate Bosworth doesn’t anymore- Big Crush is way over but I suppose some could argue it anyway. Pam and Kid are not aptly suited to “young.”

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