Janice Dickinson is first in line to borrow designer clothes for all occasions, but those designers aren’t thrilled to see her at their door. A fashion insider revealed “She borrows dresses two sizes too small – especially around the bustline.” (Janice admits she has generously augmented her breasts.) “THAT means when Janice makes appearances or is photographed in the designers creations, they’re bursting at the seams and look cheap and trashy. NOT a great testimonial! ” For that reason, one major designer with a shop in Beverly Hills has STOPPED lending Janice clothes and she’s OUTRAGED. One more reason to watch her new show The Janice Dickinson Modeling Agency on the Oxygen network.

19 thoughts on “BURSTING AT THE SEAMS

  1. what in hell is going on with that woman’s neck in that photograph????????
    every freakin tendon is straining in her neck as she GRIMACES for the photographers!
    If I were a designer, I’d say “no” to the loan outs too!

  2. When you have that much plastic surgery, the skin has to come from somewhere, so you get that chicken neck look.

  3. I wouldn’t let her borrow a quarter, never mind a designer gown.

  4. I love the colors on the gown. now Janice needs the RIGHT size! : )

  5. Her head looks like it is getting ready to take off and fly away!

  6. Think if more designer would ban her and maybe another two or three “VIP” simultaneously, this would be benefic for all involved parts. I think she and others could be a little bit more down to the earth. Know, all employees work hard to make a living, so having the company image beeing so jeopardised by a aging diva isn�t quite the best. So, go on and ban her.

  7. Janice is proof: Some publicity is bad publicity!

  8. I was driving on Hollywood Bl there was Lucy Lu in here BMW SUV I had 2 do a double take It was Janice she looks Chinese STOP with the face Lifts stop with the Breast implants Girlfriend!

  9. If I were a designer, I’d lend her a turtleneck sweater!

  10. She’s turning into Jackie Stallone, someone stop her!

  11. Older gal, trying too hard. Way beyond the expiration date.

  12. I like her show because of her outrageousness and fuck it attitude. They photograph her through filters and she still looks too done. But her body still rocks. Her son is hot.

  13. Poor woman is wasting her life with her ego; and she has little regard for those with whom she works. Sad, and tragic. A life wasted!

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