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LOVED Michelle Obama and Malia and Sasha’s color coordinated coats today! New York designer Thom Browne did Michelle’s coat and it’s certainly one of his more conservative creations. Get a load of the menswear collection that Thom Browne just showed in Paris – with square hats!


  1. Angus Young of rockband AC/DC isn’t the only one who can….

  2. Like my mother said, if you can’t say something nice don’t say anything.

  3. Honestly, does this woman not look in the mirror before she walks out the door? She has the worst fashion sense. She looks like a lampshade – and an ugly one at that.

    Oh well, at least she isn’t wearing one of those tiny sweaters (4 sizes too small) that she favors.

    Her new wig is OK – but why wigs? Can’t she just be herself?

  4. I like the girls’ clothes just OK, but that drab coat of Michelle’s looks like it has starch in it especially below the waist. I remember when she went to Paris to meet the president and first lady, she had on a garish black dress with huge red flowers on it; it was hideous. If you saw it on the street, you would declare it hideous, but since M was wearing it, it was OH SO stylish.

    Beachy, LOL.
    Beachy, regarding that tiny sweater that you mentioned, she had a tiny fugly sweater over a rather fugly dress during the luncheon yesterday. Even one of the liberal fashionistas commented that it was not that pretty and was rather shocked by it.

    PS: If we had fashion designers at our beck and call and many makeup artists at our beck and call, we too would look sooooo

  5. That coat the First Lady is wearing is fabulous. The girls look wonderful as well.

    His menswear line however is not something I would purchase for my husband to wear. The only men I could see wearing that is Johnny Depp, the 2 Right Said Fred guys ^^^and maybe the concierge at Strom’s hotel on Gay Island.

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