The Obama women – First Lady Michelle, daughters Malia and Sasha, and Michelle’s mom – are loving every minute of their good will trip to Italy and London for six days. It’s a shock that the outing will end up costing over half a million dollars and the President isn’t even included. Which brings up a touchy subject. A political observer told us that the President and First Lady have been taking separate vacations for quite awhile and he predicts that when the Obamas leave the White House, they will divorce. We hope not.

Photo Credit: Pacific Coast News


  1. It must be very difficult to be married to a politician. A long time ago, the Obamas were on Oprah and Barach kept interrupting Michelle, to the point that Oprah told him to let her speak. I hope they both find happiness and maybe, without the pressures of office, it will be together.

  2. Obama failed his constituency.

    He promised change and gave us more of the same.

    its really sad.

  3. Rich parasites. Sorry for their kids, its not their fault, but thats it

  4. Wasn’t there some talk about a divorce before his presidential aspirations?

  5. I’ve been reading divorce rumors for years. I’m more concerned about why we are funding all these expensive vacations, including her mother.

  6. Michelle sure knows how to travel well. She doesn’t care that the taxpayers are footing the bill. Spending fathers day without the father is interesting.

  7. When Michelle and huge entourage visited France in 2012, first Lady Carla Sarkozy asked what it was like to live in the White House. Michelle replied that it was like living in hell. So she calls all the free trips funded by US poor tax payers ‘hell’. All her many trips have cost US million$, more than any other first lady. Her mom goes, the two kids, a host of secret service, bodyguards, assistants and travel on AirForce 2. She will pay for this, wait and see. She usually goes without hubby, and it’s all over mags and internet that they are both having affairs and getting divorce after his term is up. (none of this is idle gossip, look it up).

  8. PS.: In the meantime, she is squeezing out as many free uber-expensive trips as she can. Why can’t everyone see this is the big question. If she thinks living in the W.H. is hell, maybe she will get a taste of that when His wrath falls.

  9. PPS.: In the meantime, ISIS is growing stronger and stronger and is already here in the U.S.A. Watch for something big and devastating to happen soon. BHO thinks our main problem is global warming, and Michelle is already busy thinking about her next trips. Hip hip hooray

  10. What a disgrace to the American taxpayers . As of the latest data released on June 5, 2015, the total number of Americans on food stamps is 45.6 million, which is more than the entire populations of many large nations. Hope they enjoy their vacation .

  11. Absolutely, the chances are that Barack will not go BLACK w/ his next woman!

  12. Barak is a lifetime member of a gay club in Chicago. If he’s having an affair, it’s not with another woman.

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