SOME models look every bit as good without makeup as they do with it. That doesn’t appear to be the case with Tyra Banks, pictured here dressed casually, leaving a gas station. We never realized what a small head she has! Without extensions or lip gloss she’s still pretty – just not the knockout she is on America’s Next Top Model. Most celebrities have “The Lollipop Syndrome” – large heads and skinny bodies, but Tyra is just the opposite, and she’s still a show business success!

Photo Credit: Pacific Coast News

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  1. Very knarly. Tyra, like J Lo is an extremely plain looking woman without makeup and wigs.

  2. More fat shaming of Women by Janet, now she is picking on African Americans.

  3. her weight fluctuates, she looks better with less weight on.

  4. I thought that Tyra Banks was going to stop processing her hair and wearing wigs. She’s just a liar.

  5. Do you have ANY gossip scoops on Tyra or for that matter on anyone in Hollywood Janet? You fill your column with observations on how celebs look when we can all see for ourselves. Much like that unflattering picture of yours on this web page.

  6. Poor Amy..ready to enable the very knarly and racist Tyra. Who is next: Patti Labelle? Diana Ross? See a pattern?

  7. well Janet, yet another lazy, witless post and all the attendant slurs from your puerile, racist readers. you must be proud …

  8. Sure,,,Erica rolled out of the bagel shop to add absolutely nothing to the thread.

    See Larry King and Fred $$$ Goldmann?

  9. Whatever she’s going to be … a top model isn’t going to be one of them.

  10. Strom you are a repetitive nattering idiot. Yeah I see a pattern…in the daily crap you post each day.

  11. This woman is far too heavy. She’s even got cellulite on her upper arms! I’d hate to see the backs of those thighs!

  12. Giada DeLaurentis for the big head, tiny body award. Gorgeous nevertheless.

  13. Very Poor Amy!

    Tyra’s very heavy thighs would not be an impediment to any BLACK man who prefers a hippo ass and a very small brain on his women.

  14. Size of head not matter to size of brain. Some insects highly intelligent. Some humans, not so much. See example of Mr. Strom.

  15. Strom is impervious to the obvious – the fact that he’s a big, clumsy liar, a near total fraud, just another oily, dull witted racist and homo-phobe, financially destitute , he’ likely living off the state, intellectually insecure and pyscholgically broken, Strom’s real tiny, a sub-literate small dicked, basement dwelling double wide renting boyfriend to a latex blowup doll, who’s all sticky and full of holes, … but she’s his only remaining friend, now that the cable has ben cut off. just go away d*ckhead

  16. Poor jennie j, so worried about Strom; so jealous of Strom.

  17. Poor bitter Jennie J. Home early from the lesbian focus group and handholding session and full of spite and jealousy at the 1%!

  18. I think she looks beautiful! Much much flattering than those Lollipop women. 🙂

  19. Where’s a photo of her mother? Oprah a BIG celebrity and so is Tyra. So blame it on those sweat pants – the easy fittin kind. As imagine her wearing some of those leather black short hot pants that the small butt Russian girls wear up in Chicago… And you know, how eatin all that BBQ and Hotdogs are cheap eats… But, come with a hidden costs as in future increase in pant siIng. Nothing is free in America – course what is in the city water in Chicago? Besides everything everybody flushes down the toilet. Bleach can only get out so much. I learned about Chicago McDonalds stores – avoid them unless you like excessive amounts of lard.

  20. Theory proven correct. Mr. Strom not understand comment.
    Mr. Strom brain smaller than insect brain.

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