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“The King’s Speech” featured the Duke and Duchess of Windsor who both were famous for their exquisite style and attention to detail. The Duke wore plaid suits long before Daniel Day Lewis was born, and he influenced generations to follow. The pampered Duchess had a magnificent wardrobe, and some of it is being auctioned off in London on March 17 by Dodi Fayed’s father, Mohamed Al Fayed. Mohamed bought the Duchess’s house and contents after her death and he’s holding the auction for charity. The lipstick red chiffon “night” dress and capelet, above is expected to go for around $1500. The Duke indulged his beloved Duchess and many pieces are from Dior, Cartier, Schiaparelli, or Louis Vuitton, with alligator shoes (size 4) and handbags – many items featuring monogrammed initials and embroidered crowns.

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  1. Only 1500? For that vintage Queen mom dress? Pounds or dollars?
    I think it will go for much more than that in pounds. It’s wild.
    I heard his brothers wife {that American divorcee, trollop} was odd looking underneath the petticoat. And had courtesan ways he could not resist.
    Is yours the 18th Reta? Just lookin at horoscopes for days.
    March 18 seems right.

  2. “The King’s Speech” was dreadfully boring.

  3. No. This chick certainly never was pictured looking anthing CLOSE to sexy of alluring. She actually look rather mean and stern and cold as a fish, altho I’ve now seen soom of undies and nighties. Wonder if she ALWAYS buttoned then up to her throat. I wouldn’t be surprosed if there wasn’t a chastitiy belt under neath there.

    Patrick, I already said in another post MY birthday is the 24 and one of my dear friends shares the same day, and my cop-sister is one week before me. My first son was born on my half birth and me his, we are always exactly six months apart with him being on Sept. 24th, cool, huh?

  4. Didn’t the Duchess sit around naked with her gay boyfriends, or was it the butler, and laugh and drink and make fun of the Duke all night, or was that some other “royal”?

  5. If the Duchess was still alive today, I wonder if she would have scored an invite to William’s wedding. I get the impression that she was as much a scandal in her time, as Duchess Fergie is now, if not more so. Queen Elizabeth actually owes her crown to the Duchess since her father George never would have been king if Edward hadn’t abdicated. Fascinating stuff, but it also illustrates just how arbitrary and meaningless the whole royalty notion is really.

  6. Of course Wallis Simpson was no ravishing beauty, and she knew it, she compensated by learning style and panache.The Duke had the attention of more attractive women in his bachelor days, but it was the woman who had already been married twice who got his attention and kept it. I will use the old adage, it is not what a man sees in a woman, it is what he gets from that woman, and by all indications, The Duke of Windsor was willing to give up the throne than to lose the love of his life. We can Not change the history that has Wallis Simpson as one of the most alluring women of the 20th Century, when you look at the part that she played in England’s history. After the death of The Duchess of Windsor, our own screen legend Dame Elizabeth Taylor brought one of The Duchess’ most valuable gems, a brooch that she had admired for years that was on auction.Back in the day,Ms. Simpson captured the Duke’s heart and was still married to him when he passed on. A love story for the ages!

  7. It’s not the other half. It’s the other 1%, and the remaining 99% are finally getting the wake up call and getting pissed about it.

  8. Leo well said. The story is unprecedented and there is obviously more to WS than meets the eye.

    Size 4 shoes??? I bet our dear Rita must have feet smaller than that!

  9. Bettye: sounds like a likely pictorial, after all, the pictures and videos I’ve seen of the abdicating Duke he sure did look about as gay a man as I’ve seen including Adam Lambert. I think she was a bought and paid for excuse to not have to become king and make a baby/heir, thus touching an actual female. That “Duchess” looked like a man too, so I could see how he could easily talk himself into the illusion of “love” with her. I think it was a deal. Plain and simple. A cover story for the times.

  10. Okay, you all still don’t get it.
    She was a hermaphrodite. True.

  11. Incidentally since I’m in the mood for giving up good facts.
    I have a great one on Errol Flynn’s penis.
    I will tell this truth only if “REta” asks niiiicely.

  12. There was a line in “The King’s Speech” (which I loved, not boring at all!) referring to the fact that Wallis Simpson had learned how to please other men when she was a prostitute in Shanghai. Any real truth to this? And as far as the rumor that the Duke might have been gay, and the Duchess was a beard for the times… I can believe that one, too. But, where are the facts? 🙂

  13. It was the biggest mistake of his life when he gave up his duty to the throne for selfish reasons. He suffered the rest of his life for this decision. He must have been a real dolt. He reminds me of Sarah Ferguson. Everything given to them on a silver platter and they toss it all away.

  14. Reported in the A.P. this morning. March 14, 2011.
    Prince Andrew son of Queen Elizabeth and Prince Andrew is being turfed from his job as a “special” trade envoy for Britain.
    The prince has been keeping rather dubious company in the form of convicted pedophile U.S. businessman Jeffrey Epstein. Epstein who likes to hire the services of underage prostitutes has put Andrew up for nights in his home and there is a picture of Andrew with his arm around a seventeen year old erotic masseuse in circulation.
    You know what they say Andy! You ride with the outlaws, you hang with the outlaws.

  15. Patricks editor. Miss Jessica.
    Date above should read March 7 2011.
    Now come back to bed stupid.

  16. Wonder how the palace will handle Andrew’s invite to William’s wedding in light of this. Sarah Ferguson must be breathing a sigh of relief knowing she’s not the sole focus of unsavory press attention in their relationship now. Her questionable activity actually pales in comparison.

  17. I just remembered that 16 is the age of consent in England. The palace will probably use that technicality to excuse Andrew’s behavior while continuing to maintain their grudge against Sarah.

  18. Although the age of consent is sixteen. It is applicable only with other minors. It is unlawful for an adult to have sex with a minor. Even if the minor is consenting.

  19. Well, it’s a bit less cut and dry than that, and I only know this because I’ve spent a fair amount of time over there. 16 year olds in England can have sex with anyone aged 16 or older UNLESS it’s a person in a position of trust over them, such as a teacher, doctor, etc. Put another way, it’s illegal for program and care providers to have sex with a person under the age of 18 IF that person depends on them in a professional capacity.

  20. O.K. Rick. I was assuming Canadian law would be the same as in Britain. It is not. Britains laws are much more suitable to degenerate,deviant judges hanging in the dungeons of very young dominatrix’s for correction one might suspect. Or royal perverts for that matter.

  21. lol. Regardless of the law, I think it puts Andrew and the palace in a dicey position, especially if that picture was snapped in the US where 17 year old ‘service providers’ are illegal times two (underage and prostitutes).

  22. Well he did marry that gallumping, operator, Fergie.
    Diana pissed his mom off. But Sarah, “Royally” pissed his mom off. She was banished. Clearly Andy has issues with getting it right.
    Diana’s end was royally contentious as well. Can’t have any Muslim heirs to the throne you know.

  23. Casonia Logenberry..Kitchen Nightmare Client take advantage of Chef Gordon Good Deads and are full of Fraud and at times! I think he should just walk off and leave them to take care themselves,.Because they are taking advantage of his good deeds. says:

    This people dress to kill and fashion was passion and fun for this incredible couple and this cloths test in time and have Beauty about them and Grace and Class.

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