2003: There’s just ONE thing wrong with Ben affleck: his backside. Since they fell in love, Jennifer Lopez has been working overtime to transform Ben into her dream man. She took control of Ben’s workout routine and even replaced his trainer with hers. It’s paid off – Ben now has abs of steel, impressive pecs, and sculptured legs. But there’s one stubborn problem – Ben’s butt is flat as a pancake! J.Lo has a formidable bottom and she’s determined to beef up Ben’s behind. She bought him a $6000 piece of exercise equipment specifically to work the muscles in that area! Until she sees results, Jennifer’s stuffing his pants: Ben now occasionally sports padding in the seat of his pants to enhance hs assets. It MUST be love!

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2 thoughts on “The Back End

  1. Is anything or anyone good enough for Jennifer Lopez? She seems dissatisfied with anything she can’t put her final touch on. Ben’s second Jennifer is SO much nicer, more naturally beautiful and honest than Lopez. At least he didn’t marry Jennifer Lopez because they would be history by now.

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