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We really love this vintage photo of Teresa Giudice and her husband-to-be Joe in 1984. Apparently they were family friends for years before they became a romantic couple. Little did this fresh faced New Jersey pair guess that a reality show, implants, and a shady bankruptcy were in their future. Apparently Joe sold a bunch of his old photos to In Touch Weekly – they must be hard up for money, after all.



  1. I am extremely proud of the fact that I actually do not know who the hell these people are.

  2. Looks like ol Joesephine-Boi has been dippin the wicky into other fish stink and produced a new “nephew” into the family. Poor T-lady refuses to mingle with the new neffy.

    We hear Papa Joe-Boi has considerable sausage sizemeat. Verificatia on that?

  3. when you’re raised like an american you’re distined to fail, folks.
    sorry, I KNOW IT’S HARD……….

  4. “Joe” looks about 40 years older not than in this picture and it’s hard to believe it’s the same guy. He’s a huge bloated short toad who talks like “dat” and has a bunch on guns. His wife has her brand new tits and much too much heavy make-up, looks like the hooker she probably would have been if they hadn’t been the scammers they turned out to be. The young daughters are the most spoiled brats I’ve ever seen on TV and ugly little trolls to boot, always bleating little goat “Maaa-aa-aa” as they throw yet ANOTHER fit! I tuned in a few times now just to see what all the hub-bub was about…and…well..

  5. Yeah, I saw her on a magazine saying they went thru 11 million dollars. She has had some work done. He is bloated like a big carp.

  6. Ah, so SHE is one of the Real Houswives.

    That franchise has always been absurd. How are they defining “Housewife”? I always took it to mean a wife from the middle-middle class, or lower, who lived in the suburbs or city, had at most one domestic servant, and who stayed home to take care of the house and children. 95% of the women on those Real shows would not be considered a housewife by any stretch of the imagination.


  7. Yes, they do stretch the definition of “housewife” quite far in these shows. Plus, I don’t know where or how they dig these players up, or how they pass what tests to make the cut, but the producers sure seem to be finding some real winners (NOT!).
    Now, there’s a new one coming out from Beverly Hills, and one of them is Kelsey Grammer’s new ex-wife. So, already, how does SHE qualify for the show being divorced? Plus, she’s a plastic faced and tited creep like most of the other ones are. Maybe THAT’S how they pick em!

  8. Reta, yeah, they are definitely selected for their look, their controversy potential, and their personality (usually bad, not good).

    I actually liked the O.C. version, the original, in its early days – it was more like a real documentary than a reality show. But as the producers seemed to find a formula, the show took a quality nose dive, and then the clones appeared.

    I actually think the New York housewives are the worst, as they are neither housewives NOR the glittery classy socialites they like to think they are. Just because your husband has a few bucks it does not make you a New York Socialite.

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