We thought SOMETHING was up on Tuesday when Nicole Kidman turned up in Neiman Marcus accompanied by an older women – “maybe her mother or mother-in-law.” According to another shopper “Nicole wore jeans and her WET hair was pulled back in a bun.The women were quiet and kept to themselves. ” On her way to or from an INTERVENTION perhaps? A few days later it was announced that Keith had entered rehab. People who know and love Keith Urban say he’s an angst ridden artist when he has a new record coming out. ” He’s a humble guy, and he gets freaked out by his own success. ” The tension mounts when he’s releasing a new CD, and whether he was dabbling in smoking cocaine or drinking is not clear. When she married Keith, Nicole knew his addiction could return, and her PRENUP requires him to get treatment right away. She doesn’t want to jeopardize custody of her children. Keith had unpublicized treatment around 2002 somewhere in Malibu, so it’s most likely he’s there again.

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  1. It’s well known that Keith was treated in Nashville last time and he’s at the same facility this time. I wish him and Nicole all the best!

  2. I would turn to drugs if I was married to Nicole. I don’t blame him at all. She’s more fake than Joan River’s face. Besides, she upset my dear Tommy

  3. I want more on Keith Urban in rehab! All the dirty details. And him just a newlywed! Did N. know what she is getting herself into?

  4. I really doubt she was coming from an intervention if her hair was wet.

  5. does anyone know WHY her and tommy got divorced in the first place?

  6. Custody of her children? She has the costume of her children.
    At awards shows.

  7. I heard the reason they got divorced was because Tom wnated Nicole to commit to Scientology fully and Nicole wanted to have some Catholic things. And when Nicole had a miscarriage Tom was not sympathetic to her and dumped her soon after.

  8. Custody of her children? I’m not sure she could recognize them in a line-up. Pleeezzee give us something else.

  9. sorry folks but i will save my symathy for the people on skid row who do not have the money to go to these fancy rehab centres

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