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Tori Spelling posted this photo of herself and her brother Randy Spelling, whom we haven’t seen in YEARS. If you’re old enough to remember, Tori and Randy’s father was Aaron Spelling, one of the biggest – and wealthiest- TV producers of all time. Now 44, Randy followed in his big sister Tori’s footsteps and fell into acting at an early age. He appeared on several teen series like Sunset Beach and Beverly Hills 90210, and sort of disappeared around 2009. Turns out the former actor moved to Portland, Oregon, with his wife and two kids and became a holistic “Life Coach” -and he also teaches other people how to do it. ( Apparently motivating other people is a profession that needs no formal education because he never went to college, but he appears to be doing well. In the photo, Tori is showing off her “Hollywood lips.”

Photo: Instagram


Back in 2012, insult comic Lisa Lampanelli, 57, had gastric sleeve surgery and lost 107 pounds. She promptly divorced her husband and decided to quit doing stand-up and hosting celebrity roasts, and become – of all things – a life coach! She’s got the whole thing going nowadays with workshops, podcasts etc. Nice to see that she’s still enjoying her new shape AND she wants to help others re-direct their lives. We like success stories…

Photo Credit: BACKGRID-USA