Generoso Pope


Who doesn’t LOVE tabloid journalism? In its heyday, The National Enquirer sold over five million issues a week, and a lot of the readers were Hollywood celebrities! A movie about Generoso Pope, the man who founded the Enquirer, is in the works but we’d rather see an expose on the secret files of the Enquirer. We worked on the gossip column at the Enquirer back in the 80’s and reporters whispered about secret locked files with very damaging info about Hollywood’s biggest stars. These stars cooperated and did interviews for the Enquirer in exchange for the stories NOT being used. Just a few years ago, current owner David Pecker was charged with buying salacious stories about Donald Trump and killing them for his buddy. He also helped Harvey Weinstein by providing info to smear the women accusing him. Needless to say, we were never fond of Pecker -he was only interested in money and power, and had no appreciation for the joys of tabloid journalism. Today The Enquirer is sadly fading away – they should have established a powerful online presence years ago. What will happen to those secret files?

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