Ernest Hemingway


Liev Schreiber is in Venice, Italy, relaxing between scenes of his currently filming movie “Across the River and into the Trees.” It’s another melancholy all-male oriented script based on an Ernest Hemingway book of the same name. It takes place after WWII – Liev Schreiber plays a 50 year old heroic American Colonel with a terminal illness, who reminisces about his traumatic war experiences back in the locations in Italy where he fought. To his astonishment, he falls in love with a MUCH younger woman (surprise, surprise!) he meets there and spends the end of his life with her. It may be sentimental, but it sure sounds DEPRESSING, and we won’t be getting in line to see it. The WRONG part of the above photo is Liev’s very trendy beard which you would NEVER see on the face of a uniformed American Colonel in those days…

Photo Credit: BACKGRID-USA