Imagine a young actress landing her first decent acting job on a new show in 1970 and playing the SAME character until 2010! That’s Susan Lucci on “All My Children.” After all those years Susan senses the show is winding down – viewership is at a new low- and the end is in sight. She’s had enough of melodrama, and now Susan is actively looking for a role on a sitcom. She loved appearing with Wendie Malick on “Hot in Cleveland” and hopes to make people laugh for the next step in her career.


  1. From the looks of that picture, they could easily play sisters on the show. Also, doesn’t Wendy play an actress on it anyway? It would be cool to have her have a sisrer that is also an actress and have them feuding over roles, etc.

  2. Susan may never have won an Emmy, but she had steady work for 40 years, and she’s in the top 0.01% for her fortunate acting life.

  3. Ah, my dear Betty, La Lucci DID win an emmy, in 1999. The moment is captured on YouTube and is surprisingly moving.

  4. I love “Hot In Cleveland.” It’s a really cute and funny show. It would be a great idea if the characters found out they were sisters and Susan Lucci had a recurring role on the show. Note to TVLand: take this idea and run with it!!

  5. Shemar Moore formerly of the Young and The Restless was the actor who claimed “the streak has been broken”. Susan did Not get it. She later said she was sitting in her seat and heard “the streak has been broken” Not realizing that Shemar was referring to the fact that after 19 losses, she had finally won her Emmy Award.The audience rose to their feet in honor of Susan’s win!!

  6. I don’t know how old she is, but whatever she’s doing, she should bottle it, sell it or write a book about it. She looks fabulous.

  7. Ugh, there is a reason AMC ratings are down…..nobody can stand to watch Susan Lucci anymore. She has no acting skills whatsoever, and she’s been doing this for 41 years. The reason she managed to play this character so long is because she has actually been playing herself all these years, hence the no acting skills.

    I used to watch AMC in the early 80’s and thought Lucci was gorgeous and it was part of the reason I watched the show, but she is no longer interesting.

    If Hot in Cleveland wants to keep it’s viewers…..they should deep 6 the idea of adding Lucci to the cast.

  8. Emmy winner, Lucci, does have a great sense of humor and great comic timing, BUT comments on the demise of AMC are premature. ABC spent a fortune last year to move the show and many of the actors to Los Angeles, where they have a giant new space that allows greater production value in a weather-friendly location. ABC is the only network that remains committed to soaps, even hiring a lot of the Guiding Light and As The World Turns actors to lure their fans to another show.

  9. I don’t especially like..or..dislike her.

    …But when she was on Regis/Kelly a couple of times, she looked like a lollipop. (large head with big wide hair over a thin bony bod).

  10. Plastic Surgery aside she does look really good for her age.

  11. Big AMC fan though am kinda ickied out by her having a boob-job at 62…

  12. Casonia Sade Logenberry Hells kitchen is so hateful this year and pressure and swearing at other people like Scott or Andy who are lead Chef and part of Chef Gordon Ramsay is a No No and sooner or later you got to go... says:

    I think Susan Lucci sucks as an actor and her show really needs to be remove know and let ONE LIFE TO LIVE stay and all my children really blows and Suan Lucci movies really suck and are bland and Boring and she should had never did a movie and her career.. She should just stick to sales? She is really great at that and believe she can make a major career at sales of items but I can’t stand all my children..Because that police in there with the burnt face really gross me out and trying to eat lunch and watch it is gross and that is the reason many people left all my children and it is a real turn off.

  13. Casonia Sade Logenberry..When is Chef going to snap and call some girl a stupid little bitch or big fat bitch or dump ass bitch or call a guy a smart ass little bastard. says:

    I laugh at Susan Lucci and not with her and her show really suck and the second Erica Cain and that one should had got pregnant and should had got caught and that story line really sucks and blow and the men are not hot and sexy and really nothing to look at and I would love to see this show go and One life to live stay..Adlease the men on there are sexy and delightful and wonderful to look at and where do…I start with One life to live Hot and sexy and every man is worth looking at.. Susan your rich and yet you want more money and travel all over the world..There are so many man out there that are in love with you and I know 100nds of men that would come to see you at promo of any item you want to sale and of course every one..I know does not watch all my children but they know who Erica Caine is and know who Susan Lucci is and love you based on that.

  14. Casonia Logenberry..Hells kitchen..Tommy Honey speak up and talk and take charge..I want you to stay on the show! Jennifer stop screwing up and double check your food first and Will keep your eye on the prize and don't let Drama get in your way and Pauly says:

    I don’t like All My Children and can’t wait for it to end and what really grossed me out about the show is that Cop and that is the one that is Burnt Gross and really turns off fans from all around the world and as far as your acting it really sucks in movies unless your willing to change and get in a movie where your calling people other bad names other then Bitch and if your change your acting to something that is unlike you…I believe you can change your life around for the better and your Beautiful but your acting kind of sucks like sour grapes.

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