Remember when you were 12, and sometimes you and your best friends dressed alike? Suri Cruise (on the right) and her New York pals decided it was a pink day before they all went shopping together. Suri is growing up fast – she’s carrying a handbag and wearing pink lipstick. Nice to see that Katie Holmes is giving Suri a normal life- if Suri was a Scientologist her life might be very different. As it is, Suri reportedly hasn’t seen her father Tom Cruise in person for five years and it’s hard to imagine how he explains that to her…

Photo Credit: BACKGRID-USA

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  1. One thignfor certain NOTHING would keep me from my kids. Period. Everyone speaks of what a nice polite guy he is, but even a thousand lifetimes won’t make up for what he gave up. Pity.

  2. Isn’t she the outcome of Katie’s relationship with Josh Harnett (which means Suri is also related to Ashton Kutcher)?

    WHOMEVER. She looks lovely. And Katie getting her away from the Cuckoo Cult was the kind of life-changing event that Suri will appreciate more in the years to come.

    To his credit, Tom treats the DISASTROUS FARCE of his last marriage as if it never happened.

    But the extraordinarily high profile of it probably spared Katie the kind of “unpleasantness” for which the CO$ is known; her lawyer father was instrumental in the rescue effort.

  3. Well, he doesn’t have to explain, as he hasn’t seen her in five years.

  4. NO CHILDREN ON BLOGS . You will be subject to legal action soon.

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