US Airways pilot Chesley Sullenberger, 57, from Danville, California, who managed to pull off the FIRST EVER emergency water landing of a commercial airline with no casualties. 155 people are alive because of him. THAT is quite an accomplishment and this is an American hero who was prepared for the challenge. He’s educated – with TWO masters degrees, he’s a safety expert, and he’s had around 40 years of flying experience. He’s exactly the guy that many women would like to meet on, but he already has a wife Lori and kids. He renews our faith in the American male! We can hardly wait for the inevitable Barbara Walters interview.


  1. The most compelling reason for the airline industry to retain, and compensate well, experienced pilots and flight attendants.

  2. Great guy, Janet. Thanks for calling attention to him. He ought to be named in every blog.

  3. He is totally a hero. He stayed on that plane after everyone else left the plane to ensure that each and every passenger made it off the plane. He needs to develop a learning plan for all pilots to follow. I just hope no one sues US Air for an act of God. I personally would be so grateful to be alive, there is no way I would sue.

  4. The moustache was right now:
    …………….HE WAS INDEED IMPORTANT, folks!!

  5. Janet, why are you so against men? Do you have some NEWS for us?

  6. I would love to see Capt Sullenberger go on the Late Late Show with Craig Ferguson. Craig gave him quite a tribute. Plus, Craig’s a new pilot and they could have a very meaningful chat.

  7. Weird hyperlinks. I clicked on “experience” thinking I might get further details on Sully’s. Instead it goes somewhere odd. Whassup?

  8. Just think if we had a president these last years who was as accomplished and prepared as Capt. Sullenberger. Unfortunately, so many have perished or maimed because we have not.

  9. What an incredible man he is. What a shame he is married, I would totally like a guy like that.

  10. I agree that he did an amazing job! I don’t understand your comment about – he’s married and you’re lame.

  11. He deserves all the credit for landing the plane safely in the water and making sure all the passengers got off safely. He’s an American hero! Slightly off topic: what happens to all the luggage when they pull the plane out of the water? Are they going to throw it out? Return it to its owners? Just curious.

  12. A friend is a Navy pilot, 20 years in, and says he can’t do what Mr. Sullenberger did. He says it was a once in a life time save and gives him full credit for an amazing landing. He saved 155 lives, including his own. It is heartening to read that he is on so many safety panels and is part of the NTSB’s team of post accident inspectors. Props to you, Captain “Sully”.

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