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Paula Abdul that happened a couple of months ago but it’s still relevant. According to a witness. Paula was wearing a baseball cap and bouncing happily up and down the aisles at the Target store in Palm Springs. Suddenly she stopped dead, pulled out her cell phone, started shaking and crying, and dropped the phone. A concerned salesclerk watching her meltdown offered to help and took her to the manager’s office so she could sit down. Paula was sobbing and asked them to call her friend who was outside “in the car.” The friend came in and assured Paula “everything is going to be OK” and calmed her down. She had a glass of water and after fifteen minutes Paula started apologizing profusely for the “inconvenience ” and said she felt “foolish.” She waved goodbye and left the staffers wondering if she had an anxiety attack or WHAT.



  1. Janet, first you wrote about Amy Winehouse all of the time now you are obsessed with Paula Abdul. Why?

  2. It’s possible that she has a bi-polar disorder. Also possible that she was just crying out for attention and felt important when she was taken to the manager’s office and was being fussed on. Also possible that the call was from her drug dealer saying he was sick and could not make the day’s delivery.

  3. Paula is in the “NEED for SPEED”, folks!!
    (or is it just me she needs?)

  4. if she did and does have anxiety attacks, it’s nothing to be made fun of. That is no sign of being bi-polar though.

  5. Seems a little suspicious. Like this wouldn’t have leaked out ages ago. People who work at Target would love a pay check from Star.

  6. Also possible that the call was from her drug dealer saying he was sick and could not make the day’s delivery. Reply

  7. poor paula. i bet it was related to the stalker and the suicide. i dont even get why anyone let her out shopping Alone after that 🙁

  8. Hopefully shes feeling better now. I think definitely related to the stalker

  9. I would have a meltdown too if somebody committed suicide outside my house.

  10. She must have been on the ‘for the uninspired’ home decorating aisle.. those items are so butt ugly in appearance and in just cheapy plain old bad taste it makes you depressed, hysterical. Even knowing the bargain prices of what you don’t want to buy but can afford takes you down to a willful destruction of one’s self-interest every time.

  11. She totally ZONES OUT at times. The A.I. honchos are already wondering what she will do next. Poor thing has been sooooo unlucky in love. She must exude some strange vibe. She is, however, very interesting,and that’s a fact.

  12. Coasting along, as she has for many years, on the most meagre of talent is bound to take its toll — and has obviously contributed to her overweening self-absorption and immaturity.
    If she had to hold down a regular (boring) 9-5 job as so many others do, she’d be too focused on survival to indulge her frequent “look-at-me” stuntwork.

  13. No, this was all about lies and she got caught for having an affair with BLACK Corey Clark and then lied about it. She should have been instantly booted off the show but yids protect yids.

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