The National Enquirer has revived their story about Barbra Streisand and her husband of fifteen years, James Brolin, being on the rocks, pointing out that they haven’t been photographed together lately. Every few years they dig up the “rocky marriage” angle but we have our doubts that it’s true. Certainly Barbra is no picnic to live with. She has a lot of ego and idiosyncrasies and she likes to be in charge. But she knows she has a great catch in her handsome husband and makes a real effort to keep him happy. In fact, when James is not around, Barbara is bossy and very demanding, but when James is by her side, Barbra is a different person – she giggles like a coy schoolgirl.

Photo Credit: Pacific Coast News


  1. Jeez… She really is an ugly woman. Waking up next to that in the mornings must make him scream !

  2. James Brolin still oozes sex appeal! Barb paid for that hunk to marry her and stay with her!

  3. She may be everything that is said about her and more but even she has to understand that no man is going to stick around a bitch for very long much less for years. He has his own life, career and hopefully some of his own money. He has never appeared to be anything less than a real adult. Whatever they have works and hopefully they are smart enough to work to keep it. Frankly she has more to loose than he does if it goes south. Money is not everything. She might end up with Martha on trying to find a man to have her.

  4. Who ever would have thought those two together let alone so many years! Good for them.

  5. He’s still a gorgeous man. Lucky Babs. However, she should know better than to leave the house without her bra.

  6. She really is an ugly woman… and why is wearing what appears to be a carpet?

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