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Barbra Streisand and James Brolin were photographed partying with a group of friends in Portofino Italy. It’s hard to believe it, but they’ve been married for 19 years – and they still seem quite affectionate. Barbra directed three films in Hollywood and she says the experience made her acutely aware of gender discrimination. Critics observed her work with skepticism and assumed she had help from men. Women doing “men’s jobs” were not welcome. She became a huge benefactor of Planned Parenthood and is writing a memoir about her own struggle for gender equality in Hollywood.

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The National Enquirer has revived their story about Barbra Streisand and her husband of fifteen years, James Brolin, being on the rocks, pointing out that they haven’t been photographed together lately. Every few years they dig up the “rocky marriage” angle but we have our doubts that it’s true. Certainly Barbra is no picnic to live with. She has a lot of ego and idiosyncrasies and she likes to be in charge. But she knows she has a great catch in her handsome husband and makes a real effort to keep him happy. In fact, when James is not around, Barbara is bossy and very demanding, but when James is by her side, Barbra is a different person – she giggles like a coy schoolgirl.

Photo Credit: Pacific Coast News


Photo Credit: Pacific Coast News

On Thursday, Barbra Streisand sang at Sandy Gallin’s birthday party in New York at her pal Donna Karan’s apartment. While she was in Manhattan, Barbra also promoted her new coffee table book “My Passion For Design.” Barbra and her husband of 12 years, James Brolin, returned to the West Coast for the weekend and were photographed leaving a Memorial Day party in Malibu.
This reminds us of a funny story about Barbra and her best friend Donna Karan. In the early 90’s, Barbra was in England and while shopping she noticed a pair of $60 tights by Donna Karan at Harvey Nichols that she just HAD to have right away. But she had no intention of paying retail. She called Donna and asked her to rush her the tights (in exactly the right color and size) to her overnight. Donna had to LOCATE the right tights in a store and went to all kinds of trouble to get them shipped immediately free of charge to Barbra. Now THAT’s a friend.


streisandcut.jpgSpoiler alert: If Barbra Streisand is reading this, we recommend she stop right now or a big surprise will be ruined. That said, we will proceed with our scoop. Barbra’s husband James Brolin is planning a surprise party for her 65th birthday this Thursday. He invited 200 people to their Malibu house and swore them all to secrecy. Along Came Mary is catering, David Foster is arranging the music, and Sweet Lady Jane (Barbra’s favorite ) is whipping up the birthday cake. Brolin has schemed to get Barbra out of the house early Thursday and hopes to have everyone jump out and yell surprise when they return. We’re not sure this is a great idea – first of all, Barbra likes to prepare and look her best at social events, and she might be freaked out by having everyone jump out. Plus, does she really want her AGE played up to that extent? Hope she remembers it’s the thought that counts.