Straight Shooter

This divorce even took Hollywood by surprise. The cute young couple loved being parents and appeared to be a good match. They seemed to have a perfect life and were envied by outsiders. When they suddenly split up there was no real explanation. Was he cheating? Was she cheating? They didn’t seem to mind the accusations, because they drew attention AWAY from what REALLY destroyed the marriage. Hard drugs. She found out he was addicted to heroin and had no intenton of giving it up.

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  17. now gap shooters row. let see how long Janet Charltons holly wood leaves this on for anyones proof verification for their own edu. of loose ends…! audioss for now. mark edward burnett

  18. i have so many back stab wounds that it is necessary for ongoing provisions, not from a sack lunch. danny sharp and a community in hollis alaska, lack truth of ecosystem placement. in everyones bible wether you believe in it or not it is a process of different threshing floors of engineering or stage playing [verse] getting your family removed from living exsistence. example, genesis compared to hitler, a foolish attempt for conquer into a victory, of rambo beliefs, stories of rot of worthless ending of precious resource waste. example stunts of car demolitions and destruction of countless objects, just for a fame fortune of nigar famous or ahinderance detorant. just as kidnaps and ditch burials of exodus, dust blown odor with dead girls saliva, spit in our dust air to breath. pit fall sabatage or is she in need of a rescue? gang green witch procreating of rude elementary ded stains and death rot odors’. [examples of calculations of socratease enviornment]. with out any stable proof of living mental stable functions of proper mental health keep. phylosophy now only of horror endings, of numbers, how numb is your brain now, just do dot forget the numbers of poor girls and boys who have been ditched buried, for bibles {ass hole mother tressa] illeagle worship of a ded girl’s fruit of womb oder odor chant, markit threshing floor of deuteronomy. it is not your duty susy home maker mothers’ to cover up or over look murder. or back stupidaty of rhime gobblins 4 rich and famous. or to play like kidnaps and rapes, murders really do not happen. [Just so susy homemakers and mother tressas’ play into ignorance too keep my virgin pussy play ground vinyards awayway from me or pretend as it is make believe]. this does not pay for any bodies bread and butter spreadings.. [ding ding your own knowledge from here on out, religious fuel packers’]. where is effect of duty 4 money of my virgin girl vinyard promotion and support? monopoly’ss’ board walk community. rockafellors, doxology of riddle rimes of department of correction. joshua, hey i am just foolin you. from deuteronomy’s sabatauge of kidney bean laughter, ha ha ha. {jac and the beanstalk] [stalking charges] was that really your daughter who red painted herself for jac and the bean stalk murder she wrote. just kidding, profounding into samule’s son, daughter, and children numbers of offering into ded grave removals’. earth shaping collection, maybe a kidnap or even a cerial killing. because you will not allow my real pussy play ground garden and proper ground mound sites of removals’ and burials’. in a bible duty of [job[ of justice obsene blank, eco placing on a dead river bank for EDU. {See what happens when you do that.EDU. dead} knowledge, for moving into a community of no mayham of oral buffalo junk talking verse of communication. did you relize your family is here for tribute rockafellar for bible placing paragraph into third generations of kings chronicle pay back of ecclesiastes. this is a taste less announcement sentence of ken and barbies rubber band fold cut too mold. all confusion of families who are involved with escalding ongoing illegal and premaeditated kidnappings ect, of no justus,justice correction cause. [example being, into alpha beginning of my virgin taste of bare neccisitease, not goldy locks and three bears, pussy taste not porrige]. old testment can only be manipulated not revised, and we can only begin a full enviornmental play fold correction procedure recovery, into a known new testament with a real precious proof ongoing of sirvival with added [“virgin pussy playground vinyards”]. which brings us into a manipilation of never tite rope walking. wow the bible has a new testament, that does not mean a fucking thing. which sanctions worthless family relations of revelations. for instant a beast, of baby tease grown into 7 generation east real eco system bondage of hell and damnation lamp execution. burned offerings, probably illegal. [jack be nimble, jack has been a candle stick one too many times, who’s turn next world], of relative an in-law matters verse elements of what relatives keep on with telling false benadictions of revelations into corrected reality. [forbidden fruits. sub contracting into a deadly threashing floor of no knowledge of any truths to keep us from ruths’ ruts]. relize biblical names of ezra, how are any of us going to pay for razor blades production and use. revelation of what families will be removed for past debt consumption verse use. both two deadly to ignor. [mark edward burnett]

  19. now lets compare, illusion verse of development of hallucination. [hall of fame]. delusion, would you be famous, just for going to the bathroom. [not hardly]. Here we are all gathered together, whether we know each other or not. even if a bible and a religion is fake, made into propaganda of prison manipulation. our still question is alpha verse of omega that our ecosystem is real. {mental game playing into miss grooming management of rude untendered sports a-fill-ya]. \competition\ [professional or minor mirror department edu. de-plea-shuns]. For now lets all assume nobody is responsible for kidnaps, murders, or hungry rapes. no-one lives life happy go lucky, both hy-poc-cracy of literature and sandman mentally ill. now propaganda resides on both pieces of this literature. Is this person who is happy go lucky liviing in a art rapture possession we cannot see. [example, malice pergatory] or a ken and barbie fabeleen miraj. or is this person ignorant of real criminology study and EDU.? if so, phylosophy of literature as been manipulated into corrursions’ of scum-me corruptions of ruts'{example. collar crimes] plus awful pollution giving. what do we all have to loose. loss of real ph balance of odor markit [virgin purpose]. and possible non exsisting, a definition of [sure promise]. this is not idenified in a happy go lucky media print public review or proofing, not even for bread preperation. this is a ugly revelation of relationship to families who live in poverty. [who could be connected to us in our hear after, so be careful]. Wrong literature to proof provide for recovery if we want backing from a poor district of reality, here and there. {poverty goals regain?] Even in our unseen relams of our supreme beings, poverty resides. and if one denies that our creators are real and denies poverty is real, than you are lesson droughted and wanted to keep yourself ignorant and or maybe candy man mayhammed threatened into hush hush sweet charlet’s’ web harolet nitemares of never existing anywhere.. so now to some of our creator’s’ our bible is very real and to newly made merit procreationers our bible is a false sale doc-tra-nation of whole sale death of trinity and prison intake. [girls’ naughty-tea-niss, of who she wants links with]. [will this prove necessary good reality for all of us]? a young hood of girls who grew into media diasters of droughts of unlearned engineering purposes, such as business structure, hy-gene effects, [of her front and back body yards’] and her personal care of saliva “dna” of her biology consent and her body fluids of anatomy’s’ geneology giving. her own care keep of her bodies [real-law-states], village, her town site of her own mucus atonement levels, [voice announcements] ect ect ect. impressions’. none of us own a girls real-law-state of her body. all of her body functions are for herself, [unless she shares]. Difficult for thy girl to up-keep and maintain with poverty strick-ken allowance and pred-da-dayshun dating links. {un-excuse-able] [predatory maliss]. {example, ken and barbie evaluations]. without a stable inviornment [vin-yards] and proper allowance, ironing out her unwanted logo’s’ and undesireble links’. and giving her, and us full blown knowledge how to escape insecurities into delink-quent traps; unwanted links, ruts’ ect ect ect. preluding, and unwanted, under moral dinging of her and our mental stability. a un-ex-cuse-able form of any type of education. where does this all stem from? Alpha’s’ of vicious circle. Bible’s omega religion doc-tra-nation and game plays of court recess, from droughted education. [peer pressure society included]. [ut-most her loss of her blood pac.. virgin naughty drained, vinyard, of her own EDU. she losses her “reign bow boo who house”]. i shall leave it here for now. [mark edward burnett] [private of privacy. vaycunt lots] country

  20. just as a president makes a promise he can not [nego-she-ate] to keep. why? look at our word [doc-tra-nation]. tyranny of [nego-she-ate], a formate of proof. defined as geno = geneology. the tyranny. the president does not get to platform his mouth on a virgin girl for a promise to keep, of [nego-she-ate-shun]. [A VIRGIN GIRL IS OUR MAIN DISH HOST]/ when the government of interest rely on prime rate interest scams. such as. to have a prime rate, of illegal politics pay off, there has to be a vicious circle, such as this. PRIME RATE = PERCENT OF SMELL INTO alpha’s crime labratory, [EXAMPLE, murder], into prime rate [virgin pussy] who’s hymin gets abused and tore for a rate of prime interest? very indecent and illegal of an omega %percent and alpha lab. formulas’. for one, her scent of immoral action of alphas sex act lab. = to disipher inbetween parables of kidnap or school ground groom sex play smell. it makes no difference both are illegal standards for legal staple prime rate interest of legal democracy. now this kind of sicko combination is very chimo and immoral to all aspects of a environmental political democracy. in pauls and sauls polo match of attic attacks, upstaires. [no real proper prime rate pluck from a virgin girls pussy was preformed[, [from the girls reign bow boo who house]. thus all speculated negotitions, cheated into circumfrunce [france marry re go round] around a illegal rape or dishonest back seat fragrance, and school ground sex act. prime rate in our democracy is yet to be fully established and gain legal worship. and the thing of it is USA, you actually tried to [stay-ball-lies] on going kidnaps just to keep this illegal sicko government installed as alpha omega legal threshing floor [for all nigar ass maddam ma.gails of war front gorrilla warfair]. {example, debeers, dimond corporation]. When in our reality there is nothing legal,, because we do not have my “virgin pussy play grounds”. of prime rate pluck,, \not kidnap\……[1.5 percent interest prime rate,[private = privacy] 2 girls at age 5 to 7 worships hymin of moms job service plucking the girls hi-min pack blood drink share. {a porno lucky feature to have in alpha omega democracy]. go fuck your illegal worship of mistaken kidnaps….[correction verse uno.#1.pluck] prevention of illegal stalemate sex acts “nego-she-alpha-shuns” of real formulaws’].//… sum “santa clause” of “omega’s reality” eh.. mark edward burnett.. [a virgin hymin pluck] minus cocktail break to serve as beginning percent value, moral adjustmint, also has odor markit extra of depeciet [DEP PIT SIT] pay offs, which are legal. ect ect ..”mark’s virgin karma girls and their moms'”,[:nego: :she: :AAaa: :shuns] mark edward burnett,, boo who guess who…

  21. if given a choice, mirror reflection tym.. what would all of you choose. {“my pussy play ground gardins”, “sin gar dee” combined with virgin girls’ “reign bow boo house” “baa geeeeee”]. or rotten tree growth of poor ditch kidnaps. “omega dy cappa alpha tree of life allolgy” mark edward burnett

  22. My effort of new emails. Janet why did you remove my algebra? mark edward burnett. i drove up into alaska with a friend, [rod jones,]. i am here because of a movie [Jerermiah Jonhson}{Robert Redford]. Jeremiah is a son from Hilkiah. In our bible’s bib law format, hil-ki-ah, is tampered with into 3 particles of process. Alpha’s [hil] for jack and jill. And the [ki] for kick of climb and both of their falls, of omega, plus camped and mapped graphed into a real cold blooded murder scene. the [ah], = alpha’s [missing pussy virgin play ground]//[sublemianal] sub contract of sub blemenall = laugh of everyones denial. Now begin a para-phrase. Jack fucked jill at the top of my hill. Exceeding into a come climax parabell. Jack and Jill had no house ontop of my masterbating sex hill of jehova’s mount sin ya hey. So when the circus clown strolled up my hill, he couldn;t find a door bell [MY BELL OF DEATH}. The clowns name is “tarf” because all he does is fart. He has annal laughter which is rude. [sublem-anal]. This clown is subteranial, combined with gothic charm, catholic wick ash, and borned with a {et.] exterestrial spider capacity. So he was going up my hill to feed off jack and jill. Of course as “MARK EDWARD BURNETT” being the owner of this property. I did not want anything to happen to mine and jehova’s jac and jill. Our story of rot goes. Jack and Jill fell down my hill. Why did this happen, when i did not author rise it? BO Jangels preluded against me when i was buried alive in all of your sand ntrap of tym of nmy hour glass and into alpha’s annal ass sassy rhymings’.. GOALIATH stold my famalies omega and used it as a illegal toll front sport areana for deaths’.. All of this promotes un-humerus maliss graphics for history’s’ revision. {Ask my Marykate and Ashley Olsen}! So here is a real murder, here in anchorage alaska. I own property called “russian jack springs” of a girl scout day camp. At the top of a hill is our now [revelation, relative matter of occurance] a “charles meech” went up russian jack springs hill and shot and killed a couple of teenagers, camped out their. a boy and a girl i believe. This happened back in 1977 or so. He ended up in prison and i got the chance to see this huge man. A few days later he died in a prison cell=[SALE}=[auction], maybe year of 2005. Charles was in department of corrections for app. 28 shit fed years. When he should of been buried a few days after he murdered those two jack and jills’ of mine and jehova’s. Grave look alikes now aren’t they.. This truth has a side wind to it. They did not fall down the hill, their blood drained on my “RUSSIAN JACKS SPRINGS HILL”. Revelation expeirence dictates that Jac and Jill of childrens stories had something to do with anchorage alaska’s russian jack’s murders’ and left me out to hang as the owner, threw me into prison. Whether anybody wants to believe this or not, it is a solid fact of life! During all of those years charles was feed, cell blocked locked, and given daily medicne for mental health. All of this food money, energy, just to support him eating, shitting, sipping coffee! Alot of tax payers hard earned money went to keep this dumb fuck alive! [was all of you trying to pamper him, to murder me in our hear after]? Exacution clause valid question! The amount of money spent on his nigar ass scharwtznigar posionus meds. must of been out rage-us. {Extra, a body was found of a man in a area of anchorage, near earthquake park. His skull was crushed in. Presum-mub-lee, “charles meech,[meek]”, had something to do with this too. But he was never convicted of it. So another murder history is left open. And if it was not charles meek then the murderer is life living free, [maybe].. [point in case], “Frank Smith” ended up missing in Hollis Alaska after, rumor has it he ran off with “kally sharp”. Kally is Molly’s year older sister, “molly” is the young girl i got set up on stalking charges for. “Frank Smith’s” body has never been found and molly and kally’s dad “Danny Sharp’ [rumor has it, say so, from Denise Wilson Brown] DANNY SHARP was a main suspect, about what i was told of Frank Smith’s disappearance. So instead of murdering me, they boggied up a boogie man charge against me for stalking Molly Sharp. I did not stalk molly sharp. Everyone in hollis alaska on prince wales island, knew i loved her and she loved me. Molly at the time i was arrested for stalking was 13 years into her juviniel-delink-quent adult hood fuck all lie of life. Frank Smith’s case is still not closed, but Danny Sharp is still floating around in Hollis Alasks a free sicko man. {compair with 3 parts of [hil-ki-ah]. Now our point to ponder here is this, we will eventually see each other again in our here after, “charles meech”, “danny Sharp” and every other murderer, rape-o, chimo, that you have all held in jail or not. And their conspiracy crime they were arrested for, all of each one of you will have to pay for it in you hear after;;[tied relative matter revelation][whether you like it or not]! It is wriitten, “a new heaven and new earth” in everyones bible. {so what if my “santa clause” upstairs does not exacute “charles meek” for all of us. Then he will be their waiting for all of you. and if Santa clause” exacute’s [“charles meek[meech]” for me. i will not have to worry about bounty hunting him in our here after, to keep all of you safe there too. {Maybe i could just let MAYHAM BEGIN and let him get all of you?]’ ]terrifying nitemares while we remain still here on planet earth]. Remember when you leave here you are still alive yet for either living or dyin again. {JACK AND JILL WENT UP A HILL} boo who guess who, mark edward burnett. And the same 3 particles of process are here with me inside my ownership of all alaska. [#1.Jeremiah Johnson, #2.Robert Redford and #3.Mark Edward Burnett]. again 3 process awareness,[#1. Jac and Jill, #2. charles meek, and #3.murder]. and each one has a added 4th, names “Rod Jones” and “russian jack springs”. “all she wanted in her bible were springs.. death beds..” of department of corrections, spring creek correctional center.”SEWARD ALASKA” [ as truths un fold so do all lies]”Mark Edward Burnett pogo cowboy

  23. i am going to bring us all around into a tomb stone virtue, called organized crime, a fowl way to get my boot up side your mobsters head. “mobsters’ and gangsters”; that believe they have capability in para-fraze order for purchase to bowel out of here organ donors’. too bad you have stretched your illegal organized rink kee dink buisness’s’ out into a field legacy of involving your selves with un-ordanairy kidnappings’ and hideus crime wave fronts’. a tee tell griff, of rock-ka by baby, is our score shot of snipper duty to see white crime bosses grab a dead grave. they themselves wiil be organ, bowel donors, of different procedures. while my brauder un leashes his four legged grooling terror upon sum of you, for my laugh gaulings’ against your mobsters nite-mares. The position of our mafia, cartel, maffeeosaw, living logo is this: “BOC” = BURNETT”S ORGANIZED CRIME”>of professional bound “VIDEO EXITO” {profound}.[all of my salzman}. i fortuned this in too gall gate against you wanna be dimp shits that think, your god father preformance call checks against BURNETT and SALZMAN and CAMPO family’s. so to back up my {boc} i flair gated it with {cob], just so to put you piss aunt poor sponders and any nigar relative in dead graves in our hear after,. SO my respect to my love of all family;s’, involved with {BOC n COB}. i made up burnett’s living logo of {BURNETT’s ORGANIZED CRIME}. which is now “BOC n COB”. {perfect]. It represent my intuitions’ of :best of care” {love]{feel full luv] and :craddel of omega” [death] burials’. Believe me, i did not waste my prison time sucking on cock ranges’. We have range procreation nairy crib palaces that fore go all new organ bowel replacement upon new grain traffic birth duty honor and worship of love livings and verses of giving virgins permissions’ ect.., ‘;Cc:clay joan: of born creations. We do not have to pack down a gravey train to ded deed a vulture, to pay off a nigar debt. If we go out skill scapling, hand to hand, or snipper wise, or point blank bulls eye, for you dum asses’, then our meal service is sovineer collecting. And believe me i am a greedy fucking collector. Especially if a nigar [mob, sillowet gang] pushes me too far. and you already have. So collection have already began. Do not try to scout frame your ass into our limbo rodeo arena down below or skill grub has back breaking lay downs for you. Myself, being born and sworn oathed under and above grim reepoor poor boys, sy sandy deep, ashed hayed, ect ect ect, we are equipped with harvest impacts you numb skulls,’ can not even begin to comprehend, let alone run and provide professional up keep standards’ for equal prospear-raw-tee. Sneeze, for instant, soupy sales for homeless meal legged worms for down stares for food award grubings, bones and all. You see my books title :boo who guess who, bone yard express; my aspect of relay is dead serious business. So snow whites’, and your candy men prince charmings’ and ur self for-fid 700 dwarfs are cautioned as of now. they will end up on a breakfast platter down below, for “muff rut”, one of our biggest bow wow, beast pro-creatours. rough, rough. Hollywood and walt disney made 10 miserable mistakes’/. here they are. #1.false ID. check paydays #2.can scaving string harnessing enslavemint #3.pull law griff promises’ unkept. #4.illegal hi arkey givens’ un-ordained #5.sea scap chang hanging’s’ and dead deeds of air dropping #6.formulation of false love ceremonies #7.idiot spie boxes, jack in the box #8.theiving of my brother jackets’ of dumbo elephant acts #9.tail scaping into my entire family busniss affairs, above and below too many maliss injuries of murder, kidnap and mayham of nigar lies to try and proceed take overs: and believe me dorks i could go on about owner ship estates until you fuckers have no ally left. ect ect ect. I made up for my family :BURNETT”S ORGANIZED CRIME” sindication, just so i could boot leg my silly ass into hobo leaf country of cocain, and color grate myself for marijuana, and have legal ownership of opiates and any and every fucking narcotic formulated, natural and sinthasized. When i first got out of prison, i sat at my younger brother’s anchorage house at his dinner table with my bigger brother [Randy] and i said i want to start the biggest organized crime business for burnett’s. i asked randy, whats a good name. i wanted it revolving around, my favorite indulgings, marijuana, cocain, and opiates! Randy said boc, i wrote it down and that is where burnett’s organized business began. Then i remanded ded grave prota showing and color code griffed it with my favorit past time hunting of webbing spiders, i added cob. [“BOC n COB” and threw in a special {k} for Karma, because i need and love pussy santra this much]. TOLLING against you white colorful nigar kidnapping wanna bee punks, who think your a fucking boss-sow-a . and i did not pretend to be a fucking mickey mouse doing this detailing just for fun and pleasure. all of you si-rar-male dick dangalers, and face-she-aoshus bimbo bitches of crime war fare, here it is! So now you know corrected real history behind my envolvement of burnett’s organized crime, bread prison read of =[;BOC n KOB; and there is no mother fucker capabul of bull routing this away from any of us who choose to be loved involved, including “my precious virgin girls'” of owning pry shi of my boc n cob]. You pour sponders of silent nite… wizard of ozzzzzzzz…. land born greedy nigars.. mark edward burnett, co founder of [BEST of CARE =BOC] and [CRADDEL of BURIAL = COB+KOB]= 2x karma of thrice. we will bring in any and every so called special force, either for correction or and to see me in your den end ally, as your poor boy bogata monkey, high clone clown priest, and lowest hill billy boy grave mummy wrapper bo ba undertaker, biamond cowboy = verse of = placer..any fucking place i choose..PM carvings is my jewlery business pro ta shay. audioss. mark edward burnett

  24. pardon my exsistance and xxx scribble, fuck me too.”mark edward burnett

  25. A whim/slee flash bullet/tin, [“Ashley”] and [“Mary/Kate” Olsen”] please do not have sex with anybody/ My precious little monket girls’./ professionally protect [ur] small selves. Finger manage, palm spread, clean hand four play only by your self, preoccupy alone, no toy audience, ect./ Also if i were you [two], i wood fruit punch mix your yummie pussy cream climax juice factory and swallow your precious museum vin/yard da/vin/she/code seedlings and maybe cool aid freeze some!./ New earnings for cleaning power and grooming tec./ Plus on going research provisioning./ from your hi dare, daring ‘little bogata monkey’. begging in my beginning, absolute rehearsal, don’t either one of you swap saliva with anyone and do not ever get married out side of my merry merry round time,tym, and keep away from un\necessary flaked candy menu’s’ ‘BULL WINKLE TRAPS’./ “Mary/Kate [n] Ashley Olsen”. “sale/la/bus//Cc” pre/romance from here on out. Or i will kite my ass into home less young girl reunions’, in other areas’ of development. Salt wise, apple sharp, and blood smart. ‘perfect’. say sow from mark edward burnett, You wore a tee shirt[“Ashley”] ‘slas’, prefect bring around reminder,./ alaska menu from not sub contract your precious lovely ownerships out too anyone or anybody./ Blu mooning my hi dare for [“Ashley”/”Olsen”] my loving blue moon for [“Mary/Kate/Olsen”] “meb,cartel of video exito [n]n] extension into my iv leagues, mafia,maffeeosaw..boc cob

  26. my my my and more of me, love,luv blu blue mooning my hunkey doorey precious [“Olsen Twins'”] plus Plural yeah man blue mooning my honey luv for [“Ashley”/”Olsen”] [n/n] [“Mary”/”Kate”/”Olsen”] you see how a real “bo”/ “ba” keeper, has strong care keep for enough!// My gosh you two, how do i describe how many dreams i have had of you two yumme girls’… Yeah man i do luv you two, in my same manner of yumme// mark edward burnett

  27. If given a process of account and it “de-vail-lopes” into neglect of a alpha “hind-dear-unce}! A “Becky fence” of recession has to be “verb-ball-lee” fixed into a [para phrase gram-mur [/] mix] of real minor sex activity of [“iv leagues, sin gar dee”] or a recession for an omega murder is {‘con-spy-herded’] into our living reality. Bird flights gamble hire into a “holy grail” butter fly living reality from who’s family cacoon gets murdered?: [Examine “deer hunter”]! Hollywood manner compared to game management. [No loop holes are available or cover ups]! Illegal adaptation of triangles’ of vicious circles’ realm in\two tidings of [“witch\kraft”], [“voo\doo”] plus [“gam\gee”] that fail to provide relief even if dead deeds are prosecuted into a rib eye act of a bible accidents’. {Reversed caption of dunce cap into “Salems” lot is, {‘Christina Agatha’s’ front porch deciet smell}, in her wizard of ozzz and voice mucus Sara\Nate\Ting, “pussy odor” frame job, sting operations of verse serving attonements’}, of “her back deck door rectum hinderance” of rump pull stilt skins ass crack stains! [And her spike\nard odor], leads in\too deadly narration and deadly Saints that go marching on! “Now cock walk time tells” showing war\lock history of ‘Merlins’ wizards’, causing fag\gut elevator music aggravation of lame trolling because of narration realm poverty has already been yolked stricken. [My proof of walking cock], [“is why i choose two drink drill my boy/man/hooded jackit seaman, sperm seed”]! :Bible King kinology” herding of shepherd murder of un\equal balance. ” What Wizards have illegal loan departments”? Merlin wizards’ sinful nature of sab\ba\taj and ambushing are of worse maliss\malice. [:examine: “Las Vegas”][“illegal muscle rafter sagging”] Also taken into consideration are “oil toil” of “trans\gress\shunal” : “tress\passing” gambles are placed! Our Sunday school reality day! And back [\\\] tracking becomes deadly: Token guide from only two of “UR” casino cowboys’ Mark Edward Burnett, and my small son [“:Eddy Banks:”]{“Nathan”}: Your real “national “aunt\thum” bib law history, biblical, “Urim” and “Thummim” odor preface ordinances! “up on once upon a time discovering”

  28. “BECKY FENCE” Two sided reality, for becoming ECO. system matter or developing “rite[/]honor” evolving [“sin gar dee”] and “left[/]iris rise” “cave of jesus” [“baa gee”] of [“middle man’s’] {“lia/a/hone/ha”] [“Penus purple”] [“shrine/door of girl majestea”] = [“hard/on boner”] [“dare of soul mate finder”]. “Special”, of [“my precious girl keys'”] for our self defense: = sense awareness! What if you loose me as your “purple court ball player” {“kore/tay jestour”]+++[“Ashley”[/]”Olsen”]++Mark:Edward:Burnett++[“Mary”/Kate”[/]Olsen] “equals” [=] [xxxxxx/t/raw] energy service intention worn foreplay full fun and or both of upcoming and daring ongoing business events, ect.. Do both of you want too loose me? “I kinda need to know before i loose any more of my sex appeal”: YOU know no touchy feel sex ever has to be reasoned in unless you choose to have my Under/lord installment investment plan.. I wood have two submit: and i really do want to ware your honor upon my flesh body: Mark Edward Burnett

  29. [“Full jacket x two + jackit”} chemistry of engineering {“K:Cc:M”] \/ [“karma chemical cleaning menu”] = [45 % 52] = gorilla war fair: How do i luv my two double trouble [“Olsen Twins”] = 4+four = [“fore ever”]: Mark Edward Burnett, Initially speaking :MEB: in/greed/i/am

  30. Also [“Video Exito”] is pissed off at ‘United States of America’, because, i got a 6 year sentence attached on me because of my first book\/koob i wrote out called “FORGOTTEN”: 6 horror filled years of JAIL\HOUSE of rot\. I can not forget those six years can I! MEB Edward of fluid enegy = Mark of karma markits’ = burnett future intuition!

  31. EYE luv you [“Ashley”] [N} [“Mary/Kate Olsen”}! i love you [“Mary/Kate” and “Ashley Olsen”].MEB

  32. My luving “oo” “blamer jammer” and 45cal. “tri guard” [“release movie production”]. A “pawn scene” of [“Grim Reepoors”] “nickel and dime” “fun time”. Movie tag name “Tea Scann High”{“Masked”]> In this [“see-nic” revival scenic] beginning movie roll: i begin alone, strate ta-fying a body bag in a back wooded stag\ nated pond drop. After i pelted 2, point blank 22cal. lame braining her from ignorance. After carve framing her, I yanked up my casings from my drop zones “blammer jammer” “grimm reepoors'” “PM carving” [show]. Recovered my plate dish of cocaine and cheeva [which i use for my tailor making resume body drop beginning wrap up finish] of my completion list affair contract of enjoying this hobo omega bitch drop! This had to be done to pay for “Doo You Kines” contract who “Con Gee” had against his homo dinner sex slave. I only took this release contract because “some one i loved” was involved and so i did not aquire any payday. Or i would of let this bitch fuck over both sides of “Gill Roys” fence. The “boo da baker” bitch i crammed into the back trip pond drop was over “Becky’s Fence” awareness. The owner Joan was un-aware i was skilled by art frame capture’s to keep watch for a player who mickey wicked one side against the other and pretended to love both. Each side was unaware of her game play. So this was my contract purpose for resume proof and love hire and i was given equipment provided against anyone;s foolish homo leaking sill\la\bus abstract of subcontracting espeinoge of urinated eggnog fed dish, which was slopped to sum grown resume artist i knew who turned dime against me. Another reason I picked this contract up was because one child was still missing inside her game play! Her game was black and white. Her heaven pay pack was witch hunting and her name was “Cc Nookey” she was a “escargo niece” of mine. I could not stand for this bitch anyway after she just about had me knifed. She should of been a hanson glove box, {even though i gave :Cc Nookey” 3 paydays of my sperm lease release, her pussy was nice and cool. i found out latter she was just robbing me and my nimrod geneology tunnel construction seeds from my “jesus penus”. I loved sum of the witches she wanted downed for her “booboo bag” pay offs of handeling cult worships wrong of tresspass dating back 100 suppers ago for her boo\da gods’ ice cream favors. Her 4 fathers are of black and white pulp fiction. [:i love you “Mary/Kate [n] Ashley Olsen”]meb

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