Hold onto your lunch! We think it’s time to start buying The National Enquirer again! Anyone who thrives on gossip will appreciate their amazing story about Rachael Ray‘s husband. The tabloid has an interview with a woman who claims to have had a five year super kinky affair with Rachael’s husband John Cusimano, a 39 year old lawyer. Kinky isn’t even a strong enough word- this woman claims John paid her to SPIT in his face! (Keep in mind, this woman passed a lie detector test.) John met the woman- Jeaninne Walz– and her friends outside a lesbian bar in the West village in 2000. He offered her $20 if she’d spit in his face. Four women did it and he even took photos of them doing it. Later he and Jeaninne met for dozens of sessions in New York hotels. She claimed they did drugs and she spit in his face, rubbed her bare feet on his face and “other degrading acts too graphic” for the Enquirer to describe, while he was naked. He paid up to $500 per session, depending on the activities.The last time they got together was last May. Our favorite quote: The woman said “I’ve seen him leave a hotel covered in spit, not even wiping it off, and get into a taxi and go home.” Wow – isn’t THAT an appetite killer!


  1. Rachael, you come across as brazen, horsey and totally sure of yourself. Very few show-biz folks have these traits. It’s what separates the successful from the mundane. So go ahead and laugh all the way to the bank. I am still surprised that you don’t kick that loser-ass hubby out on his Italian butt. R U sure you can ever trust him again? Happy cooking$$$$$$$$$$$ (Even most of that stuff you cook looks inedible)

  2. Rachael, I agree with “Tabloid Annie”. You appear to be very sure of yourself and not the least bit shy. That’s why I too don’t understand why you don’t say “Arrividerci” to scum-bag John and get a good man. Personally, I could never love or trust him again. Girl, you are something else.

  3. Well it could be worse !
    The “P” in could be replaced with “H”
    That would be waaaaaay worse

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