Overnight, flight attendant Steven Slater has become a working class hero because he simply refused to take any more abuse from passengers on JetBlue. The details about EXACTLY what set him off vary, but it involves a rude passenger bonking him on the head with an overhead bin and instead of apologizing, cursing him out. Bad manners overload caused the attendant to snap. Steven’s dramatic departure – telling off the nasty passenger on the PA system, grabbing a beer, and leaving the plane, which had landed at JFK, on the emergency slide. He calmly drove home and a neighbor reported that “about fifty cops” came to arrest him. (For WHAT?) He hasn’t paid his $2500 bail yet, but Facebook fans and his fellow flight attendants are rallying to take up a collection for their new idol. He’s getting enormous sympathy from the public and job offers already. Certainly the talk show circuit is next. We’re dying to hear more details about that rude passenger.


  1. It’s funny at first, until you realize it won’t be easy to get another job with all this on your resume. If he loses his cool with a rude passenger what would he do in case of an airplane emergency?

  2. Slater has a huge wound on his forehead; the passenger should have been arrested by federal marshalls for interfering with a flight, and impairing the safety of passengers.

  3. Is this a daily occurrence in America? “Going Postal” lmaorotf!

  4. This is how most people feel about their jobs. They just don’t have the guts to quit. Steven Slater you are the man.

  5. Totally agree Lenny. There are usually two types of people in a workplace: the ones who don’t give a crap, don’t do anything and are wastes of space; and the ones who have all the responsibilities and no rights. It is a bloody surprise incidents like this – or worse – do not happen more often. When I read about Slater for the first time, it made my day. I am still laughing and cheering.

  6. He is a hero in my mind! Excellent article in The New York Times, by the way, giving many specifics… 🙂

    …….be an asskisser.

  8. Captain America, it must irk you that Slater rushed home, and managed to have sex with his boyfriend before the police arrived. Wishin’ that was you???

  9. This guy really needs a role on one of the soaps where he can offer up daily doses of drama. Steven Slater definately is the man. Free Steven!

  10. Gerard Vandenburg/Captain America: you SURE seem to KNOW a lot about West Hollywood!!! So, all this time you pretended to be from “Europe” and you were REALLY trolling up and down the sidewalks swishing your sequined hips flambouyantly and dropping fairy dust so the big boys can find you waiting in the dank bushes, huh? Good for you, glad you finally CAME out!!

  11. By the way, I think this guy is a total HERO and will get another job immediately! The country LOVES him and he has the biggest balls there is!

  12. Another job as a flight attendant? my guess is that won’t happen

  13. It is interesting that it is a gay male flight attendant at the center of this story. The job of flight attendant seems a miserable and humiliating one, and I would guess that the fact that flight attendants are usually female or gay males says something about our emerging economy.

    Odds are that the partners of most flight attendants are indirectly subsidizing the airline industry, by holding down better paying jobs and being the main earner in the household, allowing the flight attendant to make his/her “pin-money”.

  14. It’s a pretty well documented fact that the most notorious spreader of AIDS was an Air Canada male flight attendant who spread it around the world. The $$$$ cost, misery, and suffering he has caused is more than most natural disasters. Confinement is too good!

  15. A good friend of mine has been a Delta flight attendant for 29 years and she says about 60-70% of both female and male attendants are gay. And also said they brag about it openly and do little to cover up a quick french kiss/grope when they think no one is looking

  16. Strom, you managed to slam the gays and Canadians in one swipe. You must have come in your pants.

    Didn’t manage to get the blacks on that one though. Ah well. Next time.

  17. Sorry Strom, you probably think “Gay Canadian” is a tautology.

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