The beach at St Barts was loaded with bikini girls, but Steve Martin only had eyes for his brainy wife Anne Stringfield. Anne, 38, a former writer for The New Yorker, and Steve, 65, have been together for six years and married for three. Did you know he won an Emmy at the age of 23 for The Smothers Brothers Comedy Hour? Nowadays he’s concentrating on his banjo playing.

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  1. AWWWWW! So nice to see him so happy finally after the pain he went thru in his previous marraige. this looks like tru love and I’m happy to see he married a woman with brains and not giant fake tits and ass a-la-everybody else’s fake plastic “blondes” in Hollywood.

    Steve has always had my vote and he’s great on Sat. Night Live. I’ve always enjoyed his guest spots on Letterman too, and at least half of his movies have been pretty good to great. Wouldn’t it be nice if these two with brains had a child or two and continued the great gene pool? Hell, SOMEBODY in Hollywood has to create the thinkers of the future! I nominate Steve and Ann!

    PS. The Smothers Brothers Comedy Hour was really a brave and groundbreaking show. They could replay it now and it would still be relevant. Good comedy holds up and is timeless.

  2. Reta, Steve is 65 – a bit long in the tooth to start having children!

    And the 27 year age gap is to wide for my liking.

    Anyway, nice to see a happy couple, wish them all the best.

  3. She is brainy alright; her brain is thinking “geez, I’m in the money now”. When a man is so talented as Steve, he is usually too brilliant to see reality. (don’t know what that means, but it seems wise).

  4. Steve Martin may be a “wild and crazy guy” but, he has never been “The Jerk” when it came to
    publicizing his relationships. Being together for at least 9 years represent a commitment
    to their relationship. A toast to many more years of love and happiness for this “young couple”.

  5. I am so jealous. Steve Martin is my secret husband. I’m just his type. She (his wife) is exactly who I would expect Steve to marry. I bet they are deliriously happy together. Dang it. Where’s the Steve Martin clones in my town?

  6. Hope it is a long and happy marriage. I like seeing him happy. Steve Martin is brilliant and makes me laugh harder than anyone.

  7. Patrick, so among you other obviously lovable traits we can now add ageism? My my my but you’re a live wire of classy talents and graceful living, aren’t you?

  8. Cal: normally I would be right there with you on the baby issue, but Steve is a very young 65, and the wife is obviously in an age range to still be viable. Hey, if the likes of Larry King, and Hugh Hefner, can have kids that late in life, then certainly Steve should if he chooses. Hef’s boys are grown now, so he made it to their adult years, and Larry seems to still be going strong despite looking like he’s held together with bubble gum.

    With Steve’s sense of humor and two parents with brains, the kid would be lucky indeed, not to mention how fun it would be to be a little kid with a dad who can play the banjo for you. I think it would be an eccentically fantastic home to grow up in. I’d envy the kid for sure.

  9. he just wears a T-shirt in the water because he hates it to be linked to the home for the elderly!!
    …………….LIKE HULK HOGAN…………..

  10. I love Steve Martin’s work and I’m thrilled for him. If you haven’t read his biography, “Born Standing Up” then I highly recommend it.

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