Calista Flockhart had lunch at Katsuya this week with a friend while her husband Harrison Ford is in London promoting his movie “Morning Glory.” Both are fond of the same shade of green. When they’re both at home in Brentwood, the couple can be seen working out together at Pro Gym with the same personal trainer and observers say they seem very happy.


  1. Wow, he’s really starting to look rough, isn’t he? I enjoyed her a lot in Alley McBeal, a very innovative show in its time. But she sure looks haggard in this picture. Time to visit the beauty parlor, huh?

  2. Reta, Callista is probably just running errands/finishing at the gym – not on the red carpet or promoting her acting.

    She looks fine to me, like a normal person.

  3. Wow, 22 or 23 years age difference, he could easily be her father. But that seems to be the norm now, so more power to them. In his heyday, Harrison was really great looking.

  4. He’s still a handsome man, and they’ve been together for quite a while now. Good for them.

  5. The Fords are entertainers, but they are not a movie star couple. They live far from the maddening crowd of Hollywood. Yes, there is an age gap,but more important than that age gap is a love that has been shared between these two people for years.

  6. I was one who thought this would NEVER last….and I was wrong. They do seem very happy together…and both seem like devoted parents and solid working actors. They both look very good, for their respective ages, also.

  7. Great couple. Both always seem happy to be with each other. In fact, when they are all together with the little boy (her adopted son) they appear very happy and content.

  8. Oh Patrick, looks like you are asking for another spanking by Janet, eh?

  9. We are all like little birdies in the nest.
    Mouths wide open, waiting to be fed by our mother.
    Our mother is benevolent and loving. But she can be mean.
    Mean in a professional, cut to the quick sort of way.
    She wants to feed us all fairly, but some of us regurgitate too much after being fed and she tires of that and kicks that little birdy to the curb. Some little birdies don’t even know when they have been spanked to the curb, because they don’t listen properly. They are too busy regurgitating.
    Sebastion listened. He will be back after he recovers from his emasculation. Reta is too busy lip smacking to hear properly.
    Slurp slurp Reta.

  10. Patrick, are you saying Janet cut off Mr. Canada?
    He was the biggest entertainment on this site.

  11. Bettye: Ask yourself this: just how would PATRICK “know” what Sebastian got told or what Janet did??? And truthfully, if Janet DID make haste with our fellow of the North, just what colossal error WAS IT that prompted such drastic measures? Certainly he has never come close to the offensiveness of the strom and Gerard Vandenburgs of this site and their eternal vile racist, homophobic spewings. If THEY are still allowed to vomit up their bilious and dangerous hate, there is NO WAY someone as entertaining as Sebastian would be shown the door. KNOW THAT!

  12. I have way more history here than you do Reta,
    I’ve learned to recognize certain posters work. That part never changes.

  13. I don’t think Janet ever “cut off” or freaking’ “spanked’ Sebastian”. What does spanked mean anyway? As far as I remember, she did not delete any of his comments and I have sort of a photographic memory. Even if she did delete one, what does that mean? Is this the Twilight Zone or better yet, am I back in 5th grade? Methinks the wily fox is on here under another name or just messing with our mind. That’s mho. This is getting very tiring. PS: ONCE MORE WITH FEELING: I’m sure Janet never wrote anything to him to stay the hell away.

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