For some reason, we never realized that “One Tree Hill” star Sophia Bush was SO active in working with charities. Sophia, (who, by the way, was the Tournament of Roses Parade Queen in 2000) is totally involved in raising money for children’s charities, education, cancer and other health issues, plus the environment. Her costar boyfriend Austin Nichols backs her up all the way. So we shouldn’t be surprised by the fact that she paid $5000 for a date with “Dinner for Schmucks” star Paul Rudd at last week’s Hilarity for Charity auction for the Alzheimer’s Association. But what did Austin think?


  1. Well if other sites are to be believed, Austin is gay so maybe she bought the date for Austin to go?

  2. Doubt Austin cared. Wasn’t Austin allegedly Jake G’s longtime boyfriend? yes, maybe the date was for him.

  3. Sophia is one of the most beautiful people in Hollywood, both inside and out.

    It is well known in Hollywood circles that Austin Nichols and Jake Gyllenhaal are homosexual lovers that have an adopted child together. Jake is particularly afraid of coming out so he stages ridiculous ‘macho’ stunts like appearing on Edward Michael “Bear” Grylls’ (another closeted homosexual) show ‘Man vs. Wild’.

  4. this is why Mercedes Benz is sponsoring the project, folks.

  5. Hillary’s Duff: Bear is married and has three boys. i’m pretty sick of the people on this site constantly claiming one or another male is gay who is either married and has children, or dates females over and over as in Clooney’s case. There is NO PROOF that Clooney is gay, and I’ll betcha you’ve got nothing on Bear either. How would you like someone doing that to YOUR life Hil? Damn people get off the constant gaybashing bandwagon!

  6. Love Sophia, hope she has a bright future after OTH ends. God, why is everyone so obsessed with who is or isn’t gay? When ppl are ready to come out, they will. Until then I will just enjoy their TV shows, movies, music, etc.

  7. Next people will be saying Jenny Shimizu, Hillary Clinton, Sam Ronson, and Oprah are straight.

  8. Austin is Toothy Tile’s bf….I think his moniker is grey goose or something like that. Everyone who doesnt live under a rock knows that TT is Jake G.

  9. For the people who are upset that actors/celebs are being outed -why the fuss? unless you think being gay is wrong. if all of the hollywood gays would come out, it would help to promote a larger societal acceptance of homosexuality. by bearding up, these celebs are playing a game with the public. no harm in calling their bluff.

  10. It’s been a long time since sophia and austin last appareances together in the last 2 oth red carpet event he wasn’t even there there are rumors that says they broke up…

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