Okay, ENOUGH is ENOUGH! Even for me, a lifetime fashion victim, this whole “My dress is bigger than yours” idea has gotten out of hand. It’s actually disgusting. It looks like women at the Cannes Film Festival are trying to out-do the over-dressed women at the Met Gala, and succeeding. When you think about all the labor hours and fabric that goes in to making these flamboyant gowns with long trains that are worn ONCE, it is appalling! And overindulgent.

Photo Credit: BACKGRID-USA -Model Cindy Bruno on red carpet at Cannes

6 thoughts on “SHAME, SHAME, SHAME

  1. for sure Janet. It’s so wasteful like the big mansions .

  2. How do they sit down? Is their chair extra wide? Or get in and out of the limo? Or go to the toilet? Not practical as well as very wasteful and unattractive.

  3. the only thing worse than this is the people who create nothing and make their living off of “commenting” on others. how boring

  4. What’s the big deal? She looks better than all those girly guys you post here.

  5. Janet those hours of labor are people’s JOBS. DUH.

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