At first we had our doubts about Fernando Flores’ sexual harassment charges against Britney Spears, but now we’re starting to believe them. It’s certainly not the first time Britney has tried to hook up with a bodyguard or employee – maybe it’s just the first time she was turned DOWN. Brit’s not accustomed to guys saying NO. Think about it -most (maybe ALL) of her boyfriends since Justin Timberlake have started out in her employ. ( And Fernando happens to be better looking than most.) Stories about Britney prancing around the house nude started long ago. We can easily picture Britney making passes at Fernando and exposing herself to him. It’s not out of character for her. What’s more, we’re betting this lawsuit will open the door to other employees who have similar stories.


  1. They dont know what to make up to discredit Brit, as if the whole trouble she has had wouldnt be enuff for her… Idiots and more idiots are those who believe the tabloids…

  2. I hope Fernando has pics of her; with all the teeny cameras it would be easy to get several of her in her birthday suit. Even if he does not have pics (he does look dumb), I believe she has no shame and does parade around in the buff. She is a bi-polar nympho wee-wee lover and a totally shameless slut. If she marries the parasite leech Jason Trawick, this will just add to her woes.

  3. Yeh like it’s a real stretch to believe slutney runs around naked and has sex in public. Google “Britney’s Crotch” and like a million pics of her nasty cooter show up. She’s totally gross.

  4. XYZ: Regarding your theory about the tabloids. The National Enquirer (it’s on record) has solved murder mysteries that the cops can’t solve. And they have high -paid reporters to get the real scoop on celebs. It’s true that in the olden days before small cameras and recorders that some things were made up. Today most things are accurate in the Star,Globe, Enquirer. What you should not trust is the U.S. government and the dumb yahoos running the country. The gov’t is the judge,jury, and lawyers. The tabs have lawyers. You can’t fight big corrupt gov’t and we are being sc***ed. I think probably all governments are corrupt. And the biggest scoop of all is in the last 3 Globes, it was proven that Obama is a Kenyan born Muslim.

  5. I also believe his story. Nothing he said sounded our of ordinary… BS is known for bedding greasy paparazzi, why wouldn’t she try to get on with good looking bodyguard. She is gross, has mental issues and reached her shelf life already.

  6. Indy, over its lifetime, the Enquirer has done much more harm than good. The fact that that rag has been at the forefront of new recently speaks to the poor quality of journalism, not the Enquirer’s redemption.

    As for Brit, she is just too crazy for words, was never that attractive or interesting. She makes Lindsay Lohan look good.

  7. ^^^^^^In the olden days before gadgets, rag mags maybe embellished a few stories. But now, I still maintain they do more ‘digging’ than the US Government. e.g.: a highway was built which sees very little traffic, an airport was built which sits empty, etc. At least the mags dig a little deeper. Even now, the government cares not to look into the religion and birth certificate of our dear leader. On YouTube, enter Obama – Muslim.

  8. PS: Ask Janet what she thinks. She worked for the Star for years and knew about all the other rags from top to bottom.

  9. Indy, I have to agree regarding the rags digging deeper, as it seem the problem with “legit journalism” is pure shame-faced laziness. Also, I read the British tabloid regularly, so color me hypocritical.

    But, seriously, the Obama paranoia? Really?

  10. On other sites, there are a ridiculous number of posters defending Britney and calling the bodyguard a liar. Why? I mean, look at her! Would ANYBODY be surprised if this were true? She is a skank of the highest order and just crazy enough to have ‘vigorous intercourse’ in front of her children.

  11. As a former “theater widow” (my ex-husband was an actor), I saw a lot of very bizarre behavior among entertainers. Shy, retiring, modest people just don’t go into performance. Also, I found that many people in show business are terribly insecure, and the kind of behavior this guy is alleging wouldn’t surprise me in the least — she could be looking for admiration and acceptance. I feel very sorry for Britney. She had no childhood, no normalcy, no place to hide when she made mistakes. I think it would serve her well to learn how to act with regular folks, though.

  12. I believe him. She is and always has been a cheap slut who runs around without panties showing her naked crotch just getting in a car, so I casn imagine what she does in the privacy of her own home with a young healthy stud nearby who can be taunted into a rock hard boner. Britney thinks every male finds her attractive and can’t resist her, AND she’s dumb as a rock so probably still hasn’t caught on to the fact that this guy was nauseated by her and her “sexiness”. I don’t believe the past about her supposedly beating her kids with a belt, it may have some part in truth, but I doubt it was to the degree it was written about. Still, she IS crazy, and doesn’t her dad still have power over her? Kevin should have the kids. I hate to say it, but of these two, he seems to be the better choice, in spite of his inability to work. He seems more emotionally stable than certainly what we KNOW about this crazy chick.

  13. The sexual parts of the story I believe, but I don’t believe the abuse of the kids. I feel that Britney loves show her naked body and having someone who don’t agree with her probably turned her on. Look at her former friends, Paris Hilton and Lindsay Lohan and how both of them got naked and done all kind of crazy stuff.

  14. Lenny, why not believe the part about the kids? Britney is an ignorant hillbilly with mental problems. I wouldn’t put anything past her.

  15. Bettye: U R right. I mis-spoke about Fernando. He does not look dumb at all. Musta had a brain-drain. lol

  16. When Brit was dragged off to the mental hospital it was reported that she was verbally abusing the kids so it would not suprize me at all if she was abusive. Most bipolar people are abusive, look at Mel Gibson.

  17. Her father still has legal ties over her. If she were beating the small boys, I’m pretty sure he’d know it and wouldn’t allow it. Belts have buckles and bucles leave bruises and THATS what this guy alleges, that she hit the boys with the blet buckle. I repeat: where are the BRUISES?????

  18. If Britney is verbally abusing the kids she is in a race against time. Once they start going to full-time school, they will be able to one-up her easy-peasy.

  19. This guy said she gave them shell fish when they are allegic to it. I know for a fact if you give a person shell fish like that they can die. My wife has this problem.

  20. Give it a few years, those children will act out big time in school, and will not be the brighttest bulbs due to lack of appropriate mental stimulation at home to develop their brains.

  21. How did Britney manage to become rich and famous? With her gene pool and low IQ she should be in a trailer park with rollers in her hair.

  22. Stupid is the new black, the powers that be chose to make her a celebrity. The corporate entertainment world makes people like Brit famous to show how powerful they are, and as a threat to all other celebrities.

    Basically, the entertainment corps are saying:

    we can do anything we want, we can make a bag of flour into a sex symbol and recording star, maybe even a film star, so all you famous “artistes” better not step out of line because you are easily replaceable… and replaceable with total crap. the public does not know different – it is ignorant rabble.

    It is an approach that always existed in the entertainment world (see some of the useless and untalented in the old studio contract system) and has now filtered down into the real work world.

  23. PS: Ask Janet what she thinks. She worked for the Star for years and knew about all the other rags from top to bottom.

    I didn’t know that!

    I used to see her (and Richard Mineards and others) on a gossip show.

    I bet Janet knows a lot more than she can say on a public forum.

  24. I call bull. The guy is a low life in it for the money. Unless he’s from another planet, he knew Britney is coping with mental health issues, and besides, I highly doubt that any passes she may have made rose to the level of harassment. Harassing one guy is too much like work for her when she can choose among hoards of dudes who would jump at the chance. Janet, you sound like you WANT Britney to get swamped with lawsuits. What’s up with that – jealous much?

  25. Didn’t Disney make Britney a “star?” Then they brought in that guy who ran for president or vice president with his ED issues with Britney and him on a commercial. I agree with Canada.

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