Tiger Woods should have been nicer to his former golf swing coach Hank Haney because the observant coach who was with him for six years, has written a tell-all book called “The Big Miss.” The NY Post revealed in an excerpt that coach Haney says that Tiger refers to his hired help as “friends” but doesn’t treat them that way. The coach says that when Tiger finished his dinner in a restaurant – and he was a fast eater – he’d get up and leave without a word and expect everyone to follow, even if they were still eating. And that included his wife Elin! And Tiger thought it was funny to be cheap – when they got takeout, Haney would have to pick up the food and pay for it too. Tiger also had a mean sense of humor – at one tournament Tiger had to share a room with another golfer who happened to be a devout Christian. Tiger immediately purchased the adult-movie 24 hour package and turned the TV on. He thought it was hilarious watching the guy ignore the porn and try to act natural. Not really that surprising, we never thought good manners and good sense were Tiger’s thing.


  1. He is not the first human being doing things like that. Does he do any good???

  2. Jerk!! Sounds like Karma finally caught up with him in a Big, Big way.

  3. Tiger Woods is an over privileged, spoiled rotten brat, whom hopefully, his wife gave him a swift kick in the ballsack before she took him to the cleaners!!

    Hopefully, the whole golf club incident, gave him an eye opening wake up call he so obviously needed, and humbled him just a little bit.

  4. I always thought he was an asshole. It just makes me wonder why his wife and his so called friends stayed so long.

  5. he’s more than an asshole….that behavior is rather sadistic….what a freak he is.

  6. I never bought the Media Hype about him.
    Many are marketed to us as the second coming including the presidency only to be very disppointed.

  7. Woods parents created this sleezebage. The mother is Thai and the father an ex GI. After spending much time in Thailand over the years their relationship always seemed like the typical prostitute/John type(all about money and abuse and never love) one sadly sees in 99% of mixed relationships there. It is no wonder with a controlling abusive loser father he has turned out to be the womanizing egomaniac creep he is.

  8. Janet, please remove the disgusting post at the top of the thread. I know you let your posters have freedom of speech, but thats over the top piggish.

    My teen son gets to do volunteer work at some of the big tournaments and was at Tigers tournament at Lake Sherwood Country Club right after his blowout with Elin, and where he (Tiger) was a no show. Anyway, my son heard many of the pros carrying on about what a jerk Tiger was. I used to work at a popular country club myself years ago, and also heard the same thing. His arrogance, selfishness, and complete disregard for others, seems to be the main thing people remember about him.

  9. His father cheated so he cheated as if no other men ever cheated on their wives. The media sucked on his balls like a media darling when he was winning but when he had sex with a bunch of white girls that gave it to him for free then he is bastard? If he was so cheap why did he work for tiger for six years? Elinor was a baby sitter who did well for marrying a golfer. What man with money is faithful? Are people mad that he made billions, married a blond, white women throwing pussy at him for free and got away with it? It was fun when tiger put her on a pedestal but funny when Blondie put sambo in his place?

  10. May he never win again. I blame also his minions who were happy to crawl at his feet for money and were treated like described.

    One arrogant, spoiled bi racial who is ashamed of his black side. Imagine how the skanky jewess Rachel Uchitel became involved with him and what acts she was glad to perform for $$$.

  11. I blame also his minions who were happy to crawl at his feet for money and were treated like described.

  12. MATHEMATIC was alway’s a pain in the ass for him……..

  13. Golf has such strong ‘white man’ roots I was hoping Tiger would set an example for the ‘black man’ (no offense meant). My Scottish Grandfather would be very disappointed in Tiger 🙁

    But then again my Grandpa was never home – he was golfing! So maybe all golfers are jerks? It’s too expensive for most of us….

  14. I agree; Tiger was fawned and fussed over when he first hit it big in golf, and asshole that he is, he believed people when they worshpped him because of his talent. Too bad he did’t show the humiliy and gratitude he should have to have been born with such a gift. His parents obviously didn’t teach him good manners and consideration of others. He has deserved every bad thing that has happened to him, and may he never do well in golf again.

  15. In the end, he will get paid back for all he has done in the form of the Lake of Fire, as will all buddhists.

  16. I bet ol’ Elin thanks God everyday that she is rid of him.

  17. His arrogance has always been apparent and I never could stand him.

  18. He’s already set as a type of risky and deviant hidden personality and you’ll just make him miserable creating a perfect person, tall, straight and narrow.. Just put a cap on his general funds spending, secure a bigger amount of that wealth which can’t be touched.. and let him learn the hard way when he plays with danger and seeks satisfying his desires there are expensive consequences, but then I suppose his moral image didn’t really matter, it was a false pose for popularity, but without the drug crutches he used, he can’t play exceptional golf either..

  19. Noblecascade
    “I bet ol’ Elin thanks God everyday that she is rid of him.”

    I suspect she does and her family does. How sad that the children have to be exposed to his bizarre personality.

  20. Hank Haney and his former caddy Steve whatshisname should thank their lucky stars they met Tiger Woods.He made them rich and famous and they repay him by dumping all over him.He had a great win yesterday and onward to Augusta.

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