Hank Haney


Tiger Woods should have been nicer to his former golf swing coach Hank Haney because the observant coach who was with him for six years, has written a tell-all book called “The Big Miss.” The NY Post revealed in an excerpt that coach Haney says that Tiger refers to his hired help as “friends” but doesn’t treat them that way. The coach says that when Tiger finished his dinner in a restaurant – and he was a fast eater – he’d get up and leave without a word and expect everyone to follow, even if they were still eating. And that included his wife Elin! And Tiger thought it was funny to be cheap – when they got takeout, Haney would have to pick up the food and pay for it too. Tiger also had a mean sense of humor – at one tournament Tiger had to share a room with another golfer who happened to be a devout Christian. Tiger immediately purchased the adult-movie 24 hour package and turned the TV on. He thought it was hilarious watching the guy ignore the porn and try to act natural. Not really that surprising, we never thought good manners and good sense were Tiger’s thing.