Angelyne lookong realy old as she hits coffe bean_.

Just about everyone who lives in Los Angeles for any length of time eventually plays the game of “Guess who I saw today?” As often as not, the celebrity seen is billboard queen Angelyne. She’s not only easy to see in her hot pink Corvette and platinum hair, but she seems to do a lot of driving around. Calabasas has been talked about so much lately that apparently Angelyne decided to check it out and turned up at the Coffee Bean there. As usual, she was more than willing to sell souvenir t-shirts and photos out of the trunk of her car. A fan of hers told Angelyne that “seeing Angelyne is like seeing a unicorn” and we like that comparison.

Photo Credit: AKM-GSI


  1. More exactly, what is she famous for? How did she contributed to the development of humanity/society?

  2. Wikipedia has her being born in 1958, which makes her 57.
    She first showed up in LA in the early 1980s.

  3. I’ve seen her up close and personal and it’s scary. She usually wears flesh colored tights with her mini dresses.

  4. The discussion on Angelyne’s age was discussed here previously, with some guesses at something like 70.

  5. No doubt about it she is doing well, as you all have stood in line behind somebody her age or worse drove behind her in a no passing zone. Well, did you pass or did you wait for somebody to plow in the back of your car as look at her ride! Sweet.

    Adam Carolla needs to interview her for his CarCast podcast.

  6. I’ve seen her in person she’s an elderly woman with tons of plastic surgery botox fillers and implants mainly just a typical Hollywood citizen. More power to you lady.

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