Weeks ago we wrote about Vanessa Paradis and her new movie “Heartbreaker,” coming out this month. We posted the movie’s trailer and it looked like a funny romantic comedy that we hoped to see. Tonight we SAW it, and it more than lived up to our expectations. What a delight! Exotic locations and a very entertaining story that had the audience laughing out loud. The “Dirty Dancing “ scenes were our favorites. Here’s a romantic comedy that men will enjoy too. (Partly because the women are very sexy and the men are average looking at best.) It’s WAY funnier and more original than American romantic comedies.


  1. This woman has the hottest husband in Hollywood.Mr Johnny Depp:)
    She is a pretty woman with or without her gap!
    She must be quite the woman.Even the homewrecker slut Angelina couldn`t get her man…Her gap is quite cute like herself….Don`t judge individuals by how they look,beauty truly comes from within.

  2. Wonder if he will ever make an honest woman out of her. Maybe she’s nagging him about a ring and a legal papers, maybe not, these stars are an unpredictable bunch to say the least.

  3. Jadeleelyn and Indy, in response to your commments:

    She is a French woman who had a successful career herself – in the Francophone world as opposed to Hollywood. And Depp is a very smart guy who knows REAL. he is just grateful to breath the same air as Vanessa – I bet she calls the shots.

  4. Sebasitian Canada,I was just pretty much tryin to state that individuals should not have nasty comments regarding her teeth.Obliviously she accepts herself the way she is,and so does Johnny…So that is all that matters isn`t it…Why should people have to feel the need to change themselves for anyone.We are who we are.I myself have more respect for the individuals who do not alter themselves in any way shape or form…
    And yes she has a hot hubby,and the whole family lives in Paris…Perfect
    I guess I shouldn`t have put hollywood in my comment:)

  5. Jaydeleelyne, actually I was agreeing with you, just stating why – in my opinion – she is “quite a woman”. Hollywood woman and French women are worlds apart. That is why Vanessa has nothing to fear from Angelina, or similar.

    Sorry if I put your back up.

  6. Yes, and she also hasn’t fell into the “Hollywood” trap of huge fake boobs and nasty plastic yellow “hair”. Very refreshing! A GENUINE woman who is original to herself, her man, her audience. The exceptions, like Vanessa, are so unexpected today in the phony world of Hollywood and it’s spin-offs, that it makes the fake tit clones (Heidi Montag comes easily to mind) seem to blur together into one huge nasty tit with clip-on saran wrap “hair” and a high ear piercing voice that rival’s the sound of a dog’s squeeky toy. Now THAT’s attractive…NOT!

  7. I think this regarding the gap in her front teeth: I would have the damn thing fixed. The eye is drawn immediately to it and it is the easiest thing in the world to have corrected. When one of my caps popped off my front tooth, I couldn’t wait to get it fixed. And it is so obvious that she is satisfied with her small tits, and I guess Johnny is too. It’s rumored though that she still kept an eye on Johnny when he made the recent movie with Angelina, who makes a practice of seducing every man she meets, even if it is for a quickie.

  8. Reta, what I find so amusing is that Vanessa DID start out as a pop tart of sorts…but a French pop tart. Whenever I hear “Joe le taxi” my knees buckle.

  9. Indy, I too notice the gap before anything else why lie. It’s like Jewel who’s teeth are jacked, but won’t get them fixed. But if she’s comfortable with it who are we to judge, but we do anyway.

  10. Jewel finally got her crooked and slightly yellow teeth fixed, a major fixer upper at that.

  11. Well, now that Janet has told us there aren’t any good looking men in the movie I have no interest in seeing it LOL

  12. Jewel’s teeth were probably a great deterrent to blowjob requests. Once she married her cowboy, she got the teeth fixed.

  13. No you didn`t Sebasitian Canada…It`s all good!Bad day at work!
    Just some others comments,which we all know their entitled to should think first with some common sense before lashing out with nothing but ignorance….

  14. LOL! Jadeleelynn, it was just a little joke. Tell me you did not chuckle just a little.

  15. BTW, I doubt it is “ignornance”. More of an educated guess.

  16. vanessa and johnny are not married. i’ll say it a hundred times, and some will never get it. marriage is not for everyone.

  17. Ooooo…Jadeleelynn, way to avoid answering the question. Brava ; )

  18. I think you’re all quite mad, you critics of her teeth. FYI, those are cslled “les dents de bonheur” in France, and are considered very appealing – but, of course, Americans prefer plastic surgery and Kardashian-like people who are pulled, veneered, corrected, plumped up, frozen, lifted or resurfaced, unlike the French, who are discriminating enough to perceive genuine, natural, beauty and innate chic, and to applaud it. For those of you sufficiently aware to perceive it, this is a naturally beautiful woman whose features are her own, and whose face reflects her apparently most attractive way of being.

  19. Gail Moore, Amen.

    The North American mania for filling one’s mouth with piano keys is, well, disturbing.

  20. Well Gail, can I call you Gail? Other than French Toast and the French Kiss there’s not that much France can tell America. Me personally I like the fact that European don’t shave their pubic hair. But other than that fixing ones teeth if you have the money isn’t a bad thing. We all don’t love Kim Kardashian-like people and think Hollywood is out of control.

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