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Tom Cruise has colossal nerve calling the Vanity Fair article about him auditioning female companions “lies designed to sell magazines.” It’s common knowledge that Cruise saw young Nicole Kidman in her first film “Dead Calm” and called her in to audition for “Days of Thunder.” (She got the costarring part and Tom too.) And of course, he auditioned Penelope Cruz for “Vanilla Sky” and SHE got the part and dated Tom until she was scared off by Scientology. And Tom called Katie Holmes in to audition for “Mission Impossible 3” – she didn’t get the part (Michelle Monaghan did) but Katie got Tom! Does ANYONE believe Tom’s denial? Scientology is making Tom look more foolish – and less honest – every day. (Photo – Tom and Vanity Fair in happier times)



  1. Nobody believes Tom Thumb or the evil cult anymore. Personally, I never did but plenty of the sheeple apparently did, or else he wouldn’t have been such a big deal all those years until he started acting demented.

  2. He’s really starting to sound unhinged. Had he concentrated more on his acting roles & less on that ridiculous cult, the outcome could have been better. He really needs to shut up.

  3. The tiny one is beginning to show signs of desperation. This should generate private hush hush meetings with his possible significant other, David Miscavage. If you could off the snake’s head, the rest of it will die. There’s enough evidence now against SCI to bring it down, but there are still many brain-washed celebs still hanging on to the cult, probably out of fear of their innermost secrets being exposed, which are all recorded during the counseling/clearing/thetan sessions.

  4. And needless to say, the laughable ‘search’ continues for the perfect SCI wifey #4 for the little weenie. lol

  5. Tom finds his power and identity in this cult…so much so he turned his children away from their own mother. Poor Nicole, it must have ripped her heart out. No wonder she had to have a second family, her loss must have been enormous! So much so his third wife who had to hatch a plan to get her and their child away for the sake of the child’s well being!

  6. And, tom cruise is destroying scientology’s credibility. They deserve each other.

  7. As if Tom Cruise has ever had any credibility. I heard Mimi Rogers aay that he married her then immediately told her he couldn’t sleep with her because he was thinking of becoming a monk, and until he decided, he had to protect his “instrument”! I read that Mimi said her instrument was going too neglected and she was just glad to get him out of her life. I think Cruise has been so adept at plotting a plastic facade for his life, that he has lost touch with reality. It’s like the old adage “If you repeat a lie often enough, you become to believe it yourself.” I think Cruise’s sexuality is a big issue with his frantic, fanatical obsession with protecting his “image.” Just do it dude!

  8. ……thanks to his business there will alway’s be people who embrace “LIARS & LOSERS”!!

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  10. Wonder how much has been photoshopped in that pic? Granted the guy looks to be in great shape, plenty of hair and still has his looks. Good for him.

    Although his personal life is none of our business, I think Cruise would be just as popular (given his looks and talent) if he were to announce he was playing for the home team. Look at Neil Patrick Harris. He has been out for years. Yet, he convincely protrays a womanizer on “How I Met Your Mother”.

    I have to admire someone that has such a determination to succeed. He reminds me of a machine that has no off button. He has an, “I’ll show you” persona. Due to the poor relationship with his father, I would speculate that perhaps he was beaten down verbally. Perhaps, he continually feels the need to prove to himself and his remaining family that he has made it. I suspect that failure isn’t handled well.

    If rumors are true then……….How freeing it would be for him to be rid of the cult…….and to be rid of alleged relationships that are manufactured to stabilize or increase his popularity.

    He and Travolta (and big 3rd one that should come out too) and rid themselves of the cult and embrace who they really are.

  11. Look carefully at th VF cover– it’s an ’02 issue. Does the wee one still look like that ? Who knows! Certainly he didn’t get any taller or more macho. How wee Tom will play the Jack Reacher book hero character – ex military MP and 6’5″— is a mystery that only Hollywood could fake.

  12. Eu acho que Tom é inseguro e Miscavige assumiu o papel de pai. Pra mim essas mulheres se aproveitaram dele para alavancar as carreiras. Concorde que ele tem peitos lindos.

  13. @Halyard

    Good eye!!! I thought they had used an old photo or had heavily photoshopped him! : )

  14. Just today, I was reading the Vanity Fair article about Katie Holmes (the current issue), and I think Tom Cruise has some serious problems. He needs other people to find girlfriends for him, and doesn’t really even seem like he can interact with others socially as a normal person would. I think he’s one weird dude.

  15. Yep, he’s gay for sure. Too much money for him to come out, which is sad, but that’s the way the Hollywood machine works. None of the gay mega superstars have come out.

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