Russell Crowe and his estranged wife Danielle Spencer arrived at LAX with their two sons, Charles, 11, and Tennyson, 8. Danielle announced that they were separated and living apart back in 2012 but no divorce has been filed yet. Insiders say his king-size ego is what cost him his marriage. (Boozing and chasing women) We were appalled to learn that Crowe admits he has smoked since he was ten and has averaged 60 cigarettes a day for 36 years of his life! He’s tried quitting and failed. We wouldn’t want to live with him either.

Photo Credit: Pacific Coast News


  1. Gross. He’s sentencing his boys to be smokers too. That ought to be considered child abuse. He’s already passed along his gene for alcoholism.

  2. Since he will die of a smoking related disease anyway, why doesn’t she just stay married to him and get all of his money.

  3. They look unhappy to have to travel together. I know some people think this is right for the boys but I think it’s wrong. It’s confusing for them. She is too smart to even consider taking him back. Good for her. I hope she finds a decent man soon.

  4. In situations like this, it’s always the kids who suffer.

  5. Why RC smokes knowing it causes cancer and enphysema is a mystery to me. My cousin, a heavy smoker, died at 39 with an oxygen tank on his back. All smokers should watch a video of blackened rotted lungs. Glad I never ever smoked.

  6. @tirza
    They’re unhappy to see some paps!

    I don’t know wha t happened between them but he barely saw his wife and kids the 15 months before their official break-up and his wife spent all her time with Ridley Scott and partner during Cannes fest ( they presented Robin Hood) whereas Russell Crowe was with his friends to party

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