We find the fact that Rihanna appeared on the cover of Harper’s Bazaar Arabia unsettling to say the least. The often scantily clad singer insisted on dressing in accordance with the customs of the country. Does that mean she RESPECTS the customs of a country that DENIES equal rights for women? Has Rihanna LOST HER MIND? Saudi women are covered from head to toe and need permission from a “male guardian” to open a bank account or visit a doctor. Driving is out of the question. They even have separate entrances for men and women in their own homes! Actually Saudi crimes against women are too numerous to mention – Rihanna should be ashamed of herself for “respecting” these diabolical “customs.”


  1. Rihanna is controlled by the street thug/drug dealer Jzee. They just want money. They could care less where it comes from.

  2. I find her as vile of Miley Cyrus. No class thug in it for the money. She’ll be a washed up alcoholic in no time. Her sexual exploitations keep her relevant to her fan base. She’s disgusting. Days of real singers known for their talent and poise are a thing of the past. She’s clueless about human rights.

  3. The Saudi’s would love to give big forehead lesbo RiRi a few lashes if she gets out of line.

  4. If she really knew what those evil demons are all about & who they’re in bed with, she’d run & hide.

  5. That bitch has no self respect just look at the way she parades around half naked all the time she is a skanky whore she should go back to the street corner in the Bahamas where she was found

  6. She is clueless. I’m sure she has NO idea what she is doing other than making money!

  7. Say it ain’t so!!
    She is still making her rounds on the latest magazine covers and as usual showing off. Whatever happened to 15 minutes of fame!!

  8. She’s a skank ho who has no mind of her own. Her vagina is what thinks for her. She’ll either OD or get beating to death because she is just that stupid enough to put her in situations where that will happen.

  9. So when they come to our country and disagree with the practices here, do they ignore them? Or should we all just refrain from visiting the countries that we don\t agree with the local laws?

  10. True, they have the right to do their thing and we have the right not to go there!

  11. Rihanna looks amazing as always. She’s the most gorgeous girl in entertainment.

    A lot of celebrities, pose an posture for other countries that do evil things. Why just recently Kim kardashian posed for American vogue, possibly the most vile country ever.

  12. I used to like her then she turned into a bizarre ugly pig …wheres a chain on her neck that says C*NT ..Without the asterick that I added …it suits her and about the only honest thing she does

  13. She is rotten on the inside.
    She is rotten on the outside.
    She will end up with a raging transmitted disease which she will spread around. Clearly, she is nothing but a a nympho with a large forehead and nose. You wouldn’t recognize her without makeup and extensions.

  14. You know. When in Rome. This is what is wrong with our world. Americans just assume any country we show up in that we can cram our values down anyone’s throat. Well no. Rhiana did the proper thing. I can’t stand it when other cultures come to the USA and won’t adhere to our customs and traditions. So I support her choice in doing this because I want the same cultural respect here in the USA. Plus I don’t see you going off on Angelina Jolie for dressing in culturally appropriate clothing. We may find these kinds of clothing “oppressive” but until their customs change it is disrespectful to not abide by them.

  15. Jo I don’t find the clothing to be as oppressive as these women getting murdered for obtaining an education, having your own opinion, your husband claiming false charges against you to have, conveniently slaughtered for HIS benefit. Or if you have sex with a man before marriage the women is killed but nothing happens to the man OR gasp she becomes a Christian, behead her…flail her…destroy her.

    Screw the clothes there’s bigger fish to fry.

  16. Once adorable and cute, now a tool. Her handlers got to her at a precious age, & turned her out. She is no fool and knows exactly what she is doing, remember at least their taking about her. Good, bad or indifferent. Problem is she doesn’t know what is being done to her. When you’re young…I believe she is into Satan worship, and thinks it’s cool andfunny…Like so many entertainwhores today. Her soul no longer her own, forsaking any peace and love for fame and whatever comes with it. Alone…she has very evil and extremely powerful controllers.
    Now just a horrible example for any young girl, anywhere. Perhaps she’s going for what Janet Jackson landed, a middle eastern Billionaire, HA! I’d hate to see what would happen behind those closed doors.

  17. She’s never seemed like the brightest light on the Christmas tree to me.

  18. Susie the objection seemed to be what she was wearing, I do not think clothing is the same parallel as the crimes you have described. And again why I it okay for Angelina to wear these clothes but not Rhianna?

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