Russell Brand obviously doesn’t want to slip by unnoticed when he works out at the popular Crunch gym in West Hollywood. His red knee socks and white shorts would cause anyone to look twice at him – most of the other people in the gym wear drab sweats. Another reason Russell doesn’t seem terribly serious about his workout- he topped it off with a thick shake.


  1. He is truely one of the geekiest gawkiest guys I have ever seen! YIKES!! I wouldn’t be interested in THAT idiot if her were the last actual male on the planet! NOTHING masculine about him, and hate the stringy greasy looking hair and the scroungy unkempt beard! PLUS he’s JUST not funny in any way shape or form! I’m surprised he any kind of career whatsoever with that lousy act of his. Infantile, childish, just stupid!!

  2. he first wanted to walk the entire day with an anus around his cock.

  3. This guy is a dork in every way. Katy Perry moves down several notches marrying him. The reason she is in love with him is most likely he gives great oral. She is probably having her first big orgasms in life and is confusing that feeling with love.

  4. Katy is a fluff airhead, that is the impression I get from her. What does he see in her, and more important, what does she see in this hairy scary looking freak. The whole world has gone mad.

  5. Who is he? I think he’s ugly. And I can’t stand Katy Perry. She’s so over.

  6. I work out at Crunch. Russell Brand isn’t trying to get noticed when he works out he’s just an odd dresser all the time.

    And that “thick shake” says Crunch on it which means it’s a protein shake which is what people who are serious about building muscle drink after their workouts. So you might want to know what you’re talking about before typing your obnoxious commentary.

    And no, I do not know him at all. Just thought I would set the record straight since you don’t know what you are talking about.

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